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Understanding Wearable Technology

Tech News by Tech Guru on August 18, 2015

Wearable technology is known by an array of terms such as wearable tech, wearable gadgets or simply wearables. These are just but a few terms that are most prominent.
What is Wearable Technology?

It can simply be defined as accessories that fall under the category of technology gadgets or devices whose functionality is exploited by the consumer wearing them.
They can don different parts of the body. For example they can be worn on; the wrist, the neck, the arm, the ear or the ankle.

History of Wearable Technology

The history of wearable technology devices can be traced back to 17th century abacus ring
This 300 year-old predecessor to the modern computer allowed wearers to do complex mathematical arithmetic without having to write down even a single digit. All the wearer needed to do is move tiny beads along nine rows.
At around the same time, a wearable watch was being developed in Europe. The watch consisted of an hour glass inside a drum that was hung around the neck. This paved way for the development of a wrist watch which was developed by a German artillery officer. He developed the first watch that could be strapped around the wrist towards the end of 19th century.
By mid 20th century, an array of portable and wearable technological devices had emerged. This ranged from television sets, cameras to telephones.
Modern Wearable Technology
Modern wearable technology seeks to interweave technology into the everyday life and have a positive impact. The goal is to improve the quality of life regardless where on the globe one might be.
The pioneer modern worn electronic device was the calculator watch which was introduced for the first time back in 1975.
The calculator watch is essentially a digital watch which has a built in calculator. They were extremely popular in the 1980s. They were the must-have electronic gadget. They continue to be produced though in a fraction of the quantities produced in the 1980s.

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20.08.2015, 08:10   Aspencor Tech
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