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11.01.2016, 15:27   Hanhaa

Symbisa - A Savior for Internet of Things

British company Hanhaa is looking to offer inventors an easier route to the so-called Internet of Things, with a multi-purpose sensor kit that can be adapted to various tracking or monitoring applications within minutes of breaking open the box.

Ideas come when you are feel empowered to take on your challenges. But you can held back by complexity that can come with finding your own way. Which is why we don’t think the internet of things should be limited to those who can build a circuit board or code firmware. Take charge of your own challenges. That’s our “UFixU” mission
Symbisa has sensors for motion, light, humidity, location and temperature all delivered with global connectivity out of the box. You can also expand sensors and add a display. Wherever you are, whatever your pain, Symbisa will give you the confidence to deliver a solution.
Symbisa is about empowering you to take charge and get it done rather than waiting for somebody else to fix it for you. Our mission is to give you the superpower to “UFixU”.

Award winning UK start-up Hanhaa to bring an all new system to power the next generation of maker innovation.
London,  Nov. 3, 2015

Symbisa will be among the first solutions to showcase the Intel® Quark™ microcontroller D2000
To bring this to the market, Hanhaa, the makers behind the Symbisa, have launched a collaborative project today on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to help fund Hanhaa’s vision in  partnership with inventors from all over the world who can work together to deliver an  inclusive IoT toolkit that can change inventor’s world.
Embedded within every system, Symbisa’s sensors detect humidity, temperature, impact, light and location allowing anyone to build complex products economically, quickly and efficiently. Instead of integrating these sensors and silicon from scratch, Symbisa delivers ease of use and deployment for an inventor. An inventor can devise an idea and be ready with a prototype over

For the first time ever, an IoT toolkit comes out of the box with live embedded GSM connectivity that will be backed up by a new usage based payment model. It means that anywhere in the GSM world, Symbisa once powered will go online without any user input.Symbisa’s software also eliminates the need for any coding skills or advanced technology knowledge. An inventor will be able to interact with Symbisa from a cell phone or tablet.

Bhargav Misty, lead designer of Symbisa says, 'it's fashionable to say that as a technology company we want to change the world. But at Hanhaa we don't. We want to give you the power so
YOU can.”

“The internet of things has a problem: So far, it’s been a market for technologists by technologists.  But great technology is not always created just by engineers. Invention shouldn’t be limited to those with an understanding of math, physics or unpronounceable acronyms. Invention should only be limited by your imagination. Technology should enable not constrict. And that’s why we founded Hanhaa”, said Azhar Hussain MBE, CEO and founder, “to help the inventors of tomorrow, whoever they are, to create whatever they want.”

About Hanhaa Ltd

Hanhaa is the startup in London founded by Azhar Hussain MBE, serial entrepreneur in consumer electronics, satellite telephones and battery systems. The company won first prize in the Internet of Things category at  “4 Years From Now” (4YFN) competition at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona
11.01.2016, 15:27   Hanhaa
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