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Reviews Bee: Focus for Consumers

Do you trust information on the Web? Are "review articles" exactly non-biased and correct? Where can I find information on products and services – before I make an intelligent choice? Consumers are faced with these issues every day. A lot of Websites provide overviews and "how to buy" posts; more and more are surfacing. We have mentioned earlier one of the paper regarding Where is Trusted Healthcare Information on the Web? .

To this end, I would like to introduce Reviews Bee

Reviews Bee was established after the founder and CEO, Roman Sahakov, started to do his product research.  He became easily frustrated sorting and organizing the data he collected from visiting product websites and reading multitude of reviews, both from experts and consumers. He understood that something could be of great value to consumers – a resource where all the product information was complete and in just one place.  
An average consumer is wasting his precious time doing product research, while only in a few cases he can get a complete picture of the item.  Roman knew there had to be a better way, and he knew just how to create the perfect review site.  Busy people needed an intelligent site to cut through all the data and organize it into an easy to read formula.

Customers desired information not only from the manufacturers’, who use their advertising department to highlight the best aspects of their products but from consumers as well.  Those consumers could fill in the blanks as to how well the products perform and the negativities each one had.  

By researching the quantity and quality of consumer complaints, an all-inclusive picture would emerge informing the public of all the positive product details and those that were inadequate.  This type of complete research is what Reviews Bee is all about. 

How does algorithm work?

Sahakov developed an algorithm that included all the information discerned from various websites for a complete, unbiased review.  It allows each consumer to determine their personal requirements and find just the right product for their needs.  Satisfied customers would then share information, thus creating a network of product reviews.

By formatting the information into a “Top Ten” list, this popular view of top rated products is easy to read and understand. The research team explored expert and consumer review sites and noted important facts from all of them.  Each review group looked at products from different angles, and this offers a complete overview of the product.

Not only each product receives a comprehensive rating, but also it is scored in the following areas: Expert popularity scores, expert ratings, consumer popularity scores, consumer ratings and consumer complaints. Consumer complaints provide a glimpse of product usage that is as unique as each patron. Reviews Bee creates a dynamic Top 10 list for each product type. Selections are unbiased, and no compensation is received for featured or reviewing an item on Reviews Bee. The rankings are based on a thorough investigation of available product information and reviews.

At this time, there is an impressive choice of reviewed products – which are segregated into Products, Software, and Services - starting from Home Security Systems to such products as Air mattresses and Bluetooth Speakers

As an example, here is Reviews Bee’s approach to Medical Alert Systems

This very helpful page provides initial choice options:
A comprehensive infographic was developed – the one that helps to make a decision:

In my opinion, Reviews Bee, with its Team, are doing a great job - I do recommend readers to check their products overviews.

Vladimir Kuznetsov
01.07.2016, 21:39   MedGizmo
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