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23.09.2015, 15:22

PwC Consumer Intelligence Series: The Wearable Future

22 September 2015

There is indeed a wearable future ahead, one that can dramatically alter the landscape of society and business as we know it. For months, we surveyed consumers and spoke with experts to explore the potential benefits as well as drawbacks, understanding why they matter, and how they will deeply shape us as individuals and as a society. Here is a look at some of the strengths and opportunities for wearable tech - and the weaknesses and challenges that enterprising businesses must successfully navigate.

The next generation of customer service will be proactive, integrated and omnipresent. Do you have a foundation in place to turn the service experience into competitive advantage?

Download: Consumer Intelligence Series: The Wearable Future (.pdf, 15.765 KB).

About the Consumer Intelligence Series

Consumer Intelligence Series, now in its 7th year, is PwC's ongoing consumer focused research through which we gain directional insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. Our findings reflect the intersection between an online survey to over 1,000 respondents, a series of focus groups, immersion sessions with industry specialists and an online listening campaign.

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Contents: Consumer Intelligence Series - The Wearable Future
I. Executive Summary
II. Setting the Stage: Two Worlds of Wearables
III. Wearables at a Crossroad
IV. Research Methodology
V. A Snapshot of the Wearable Future
VI. Where Wearables Stand Today
VII. The Business of Wearables
• The Brand Advantage
• Advertising and Content Implications
• Wearables in the Entertainment, Media &
Communications Industries
• Wearables in Retail
• Wearables in Healthcare
• Wearables in Technology
VIII. Consumers and Wearables
• Ambivalence: Future Excitement, But Today Fails
to Wow
• Driving Adoption
• What’s Appealing/What’s Not
• Wearable Primacy, Data Consistency and Tuning
• Addressing Unmet Needs: The Real Opportunity
for Wearables and Brands
• Navigating Concerns
• Who Wants What Out of a Wearable?
- A Look at Millennial Preferences
- A Look at Parents Preferences
IX. What’s Next for Wearables?
• How Enterprise Can Prepare For The Future

Some of most interesting points of the report:

The partnership landscape will radically change as wearables unite unlikely allies.
There is also an enormous opportunity for brands to collaborate with retailers through wearable tech.
Promotional spending is a key source of funding for retailers for in-store merchandising— and wearables open up a huge new frontier for retailer targeted advertising and content marketing collaboration.
Wearables will provide a new frontier for media.
The media company of the future is one that combines insights with curated experiences, and finds new ways of monetization—beyond conventional advertising and paid content offerings. As purveyors of interest-specific content, media companies will turn to wearables to open a huge new frontier of relevant and immersive experiences, helping their audience engage with the category. Wearable devices won’t just unleash more ad inventory—they will provide a meaningful opportunity to drive product sales and eCommerce.

73% of people expected wearable technology to make media and entertainment more immersive and fun, and the numbers were even higher (79%) among Millennials.

23.09.2015, 15:22
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