MedGizmo - Podcast: The Future of Wearables: Smart Textiles & Fashion Tech
22.08.2015, 14:56   SourceBits

Podcast: The Future of Wearables: Smart Textiles & Fashion Tech

The Future of Wearables

Episode 12 in The Future of Wearables podcast features Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion. She recently launched Third Wave Magazine. “If Harper’s Bazaar and Popular Mechanics had a baby, it’d be swaddled in Third Wave Magazine.”

Listen to the Future of Wearables podcast to hear Liza Kindred’s thoughts on the merging of textiles and wearable technology – like Project Jacquard, Google and Levi’s collaboration weaving touch sensors into fabrics. She insists wearables need to be more than just “slap a screen on” gadgets. Wearables like smartwatches are novel, but Kindred believes adoption will not be widespread with that kind of screen-based wearable tech. And what about business models for smart textiles and fashion tech? Listen to the podcast for her take on making money with screen-free wearable fashion. Read on and we’ll walk you through our mobile innovation workshop – an intensive strategy session hosted at our headquarters in San Francisco. 
22.08.2015, 14:56   SourceBits
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