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01.09.2015, 08:09   mHealth Grand Tour

mHealth Grand Tour - Showcase of Diabetes Wearables

mHealth Grand Tour 2015

Follow the Tour starting on 3rd September!

The Tour is an epic ride across Europe.  From Brussels to Geneva stopping in Paris on the way, we will all visit some of the most beautiful parts of Europe, mix fantastic riding with a little culture and take the opportunity to sample some of the culinary delights on route.

You can ride the whole Tour, or one or two of the three-day stages.  Each stage has some great riding. From pavé in the north to climbing in the high alps, the route is varied and challenging.  The ride is also intended to be fabulous experience, incorporating breathtaking scenery, quiet country roads and the opportunity to sample fabulous food and wine.  And, in the spirit of the Grand Tours of old, we have also designed the ride to take in the outstanding cultural sights, including five World Heritage sites on the way.
However, it isn’t just a bike ride – it is also the opportunity to help improve the lives of people with diabetes, showing what is possible for people with diabetes and demonstrating how innovative technical solutions can address the challenge of managing diabetes.  During the Tour a number of leading global technology companies including Orange, Dexcom and Samsung and some innovative technology start-up companies will implement a unique technical solution to support riders during the tour.

Through our partnership with IDF Europe the Tour also works with experts in diabetes, exercise physiology, technology companies, healthcare professionals and patients to learn, share, educate, develop and deploy solutions and knowledge to help people manage their diabetes, liberating them to lead active lifestyles.

Challenging but achievable, the 2015 mHealth Grand Tour will be an experience of a lifetime.

We have over 100 riders from 22 countries taking part, with nearly 40 riding the whole 1,500km between Brussels to Geneva. With the support of a bespoke mHealth solution we have over 20 riders with Type 1 diabetes demonstrating what is possible and how innovative solutions can help people manage their diabetes, liberating them to lead active lifestyles.

Improving connectivity and integrating technologies has the potential to further improve care.  Mobile health (mHealth) solutions can help healthcare providers deliver better, more consistent, coordinated and more efficient healthcare, where and how it is needed, increase access to health services to remote or under-served communities, and empower individuals to manage their own health more proactively and effectively.

The mHealth Grand Tour was developed to demonstrate how exercise and diet can help people manage (and prevent) diabetes.  The Tour was also developed to demonstrate how new technology solutions can help people to address the challenges we face with diabetes, collectively and individually.

What is mHealth?
Connected healthcare - reduces costs, increases accessibility
Embedded mHealth solutions can improve the lives of millions of people and help address some of the most significant healthcare challenges in the world today.
One of the biggest challenges facing societies worldwide is how to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for all.
Governments, individuals and private insurers worldwide are urgently seeking more cost-effective ways of preventing and treating chronic diseases and other debilitating conditions.
The widespread use of mobile connectivity in healthcare could significantly cut costs, increase the reach and accessibility of healthcare services and reduce the impact of illness on people's lives.
To accelerate the development and adoption of embedded mHealth devices and solutions, the mHealth Grand Tour is engaging with the wider ecosystem and working with key players to understand their needs and to reduce the barriers to adoption

Wearables “Put to the Test” in Unique Research Project
31 Aug 2015

On September 3rd a group of riders will set out on a gruelling road trip from Brussels to Geneva. This ride will last 9 days, will cover 1500km, including nearly 22,000m of ascent, as the riders traverse Europe. This unique group of riders, professional and amateur, have a single unifying goal–improving the lives of people with diabetes.

Globally 387 million people have diabetes–by 2035 this will rise to 592 million. Diabetes caused 4.9 million deaths in 2014 which means that every seven seconds a person dies from diabetes. The management of chronic diseases such as diabetes is costly. It is estimated that the global cost of the management of diabetes is an estimated US$612 billion in health expenditure (2014)–11% of total spending on adults. Mobile health solutions have the potential to help healthcare providers deliver better and more efficient healthcare, however these solutions are complex, requiring a number of technologies that can produce meaningful clinical data outside the hospital environment which can then be transmitted to the health professional.  

The mHealth Grand Tour is an “observational study”, developed to demonstrate how innovative products and technical solutions can help the challenges of managing diabetes. It provides an extraordinary and challenging environment for technology solution providers to test a range of technical solutions that provide personalised medical support to the riders. After the race is over, the data collected will be analysed as part of a retrospective observational study and the results will be shared before the end of 2015.

ICON is proud to support two riders in the mHealth Grand Tour–Mr James O’Reilly and Mr Frans Luijendijk–both of whom have type 1 diabetes, and we will be following their  progress as they cycle the 1500km. Supporting this unparalleled event also allows us to work with technology partners who are experts in the area of diabetes management. Though our collaboration, we will gain unique insights into the technical, medical and regulatory challenges that are facing the development of mobile health solutions which will help us to design and fine tune a remotely monitored clinical trial in one of the most prevalent chronic disease areas affecting the world today.

More importantly this tour gives ICON the opportunity to engage with the empowered patient who is using wearables and other technological advancements to monitor and manage their own health in a way that was not conceived of previously. Although it is widely accepted that the use of wearable technology in clinical trials has the potential to be one of the most disruptive innovations in drug development, currently the use of wearable technology by big pharma in clinical trials is limited and it would appear that we can learn a lot about the value and practical use of wearables from our patients.

When asked why this event was so important James responded: “I see my participation in the 2015 mHealth Grand Tour as a great opportunity for me to assist in the development of technical solutions that have the possibility to improve the quality of life of those living with chronic diseases worldwide. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I myself am hugely reliant on technology to manage my disease. I use blood glucose metres to test my sugar levels multiple times a day. I wear an insulin pump to administer insulin 24 hours a day. I also use apps on my mobile telephone to help me count carbohydrates, calculate insulin dosages and log diaries of information. While the use of technology can greatly increase the  accuracy w ith which I can manage my Diabetes, the requirement to understand, use and care for all of these pieces of technology can also become a burden and a source of stress.  Studies such as the one that will be carried out during the health Grand Tour will lead to the development of further technical solutions that will reduce the mental effort required to manage this disease and the inherent burden that is living with Type 1 Diabetes. I look forward to a future where a patient centric approach is at the forefront of managing chronic diseases.”

Frans added that the more technology can take over managing this difficult disease, the easier it will become for him. “Anything we can do as patients to help advance technology, the faster fully automatic diabetes management solutions will be available. The difference the continuos glucose sensor already made to my life over the last three years is incredible. I can’t wait for a future where the only thing I need to do is change the cartridge of my insulin pump in time.”

We wish them both a successful tour as they embark on this ground breaking innovation journey which ICON anticipates will provide insights into the development of technological solutions that will help create more patient centric clinical trials.
01.09.2015, 08:09   mHealth Grand Tour
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