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MedGizmo: Wearables for Women Health - Part 1

Over a couple of years there had been an intense discussion in media – whether the wearable technology provides adequate Women Healthcare solutions.  Market research shows that women outnumber men as prospective buyers of wearable devices.  Thus, wearable devices vendors are targeting them. An interesting fact is that 8 of the top 25 health apps in the US App Store are fertility and period-tracking apps. However, apparently, the effort is not good so far.
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Here is a brief overview of recent developments. Of course, one of the biggest focus is pregnancy. Mobile Health advances, as well as introduction of new wearable sensor technologies opened a new page in this area. It is now possible to track health parameters and continuously monitor health conditions in daily life of pregnant women. This scholarly article evaluates the use of wearable sensors as an enabling technology to motivate healthier lifestyle behaviors during pregnancy: Wearable Sensors for Healthier Pregnancies

Kindara Wink fertility thermometer
links to a smartphone and tracks a woman’s fertility cycle over time
Kindara's free app and connected fertility thermometer give you the knowledge, support, and confidence to put you in the driver's seat of your body.
Basal Body Temp. The temperature in your mouth when you wake up in the morning. It tells you when progesterone has kicked in, signaling that ovulation has occurred.
Cervical Fluid is a vaginal secretion. It changes in viscosity through the course of your cycle and tells you when your estrogen level is rising, indicating impending ovulation.
BBT and Cervical Fluid tell you about the hormone levels in your body.

YONO Fertility Friend
YONO measures and records your Basal Body Temperature seamlessly and effortlessly. BBT data can help you with fertility tracking, natural family planning and hormonal health monitoring.

Clue is designed to make tracking your fertility accurate, fast and friendly. Keep track of your monthly cycle by entering data about your period, pain, mood, fluid, sexual activity and personal notes.

A revolutionary wearable sensor that benefits any woman who wants to effortlessly manage her fertility.
Priya is an elegant, self-inserted temperature sensor that is able to detect the subtle changes that occur before ovulation that other methods are unable to detect, then sends an alert to her smartphone when she is most fertile.
Priya pinpoints the window of fertility, without having to actively engage in data collection. Simply insert Priya ring once per month, and let Priya do the rest.


Bella Beat's Leaf is a health tracker that monitors activity levels, sleep quality, stress levels, ovulation, period and contraception tracking as a cohesive whole.

Elvie exercise tracker for pelvic floor
Small, yet powerful exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. Do more with your kegels. When inserted in the pelvic floor, the silicon pebble-shaped wearable connects to its smartphone app via Bluetooth, picking up data points for real-time muscle movement monitoring. The user interface allows for easy tracking and four different difficulty levels ranging from “training” to “advanced”. For being a relatively new tool for that body region, the Elvie makes pelvic floor exercise surprisingly simple.

Women’s sexual health is also addressed with these applications that inspired one of the latest CSI:Cyber shows:
World's First Wearable Smart Vibrator
Distance Doesn't Matter. allows your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if your partner is in the office or in another country, you can still have your intimate moments.

Our Bluetooth enabled massagers maximize your pleasure while delivering the ultimate in discretion. Whether you have a partner in crime or enjoy going solo, the blueMotion products have the power to tantalize and titillate—anytime, from anywhere.

A vibrator that helps you understand, discover, and take control of your own body, paired with an app that allows you to easily visualize what your body is telling you and ask questions to a supportive community. Using advanced biometric sensing and statistical methods, we help you characterize your sexuality—how fast you get aroused, how long it generally takes to orgasm, and when sex would feel best—both individually and within the diverse sexual spectrum of the aggregate female population.
This concludes Part 1. In the next part we will provide information on more wearables and technologies:
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