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MedGizmo PEMF Series: Part III Consumer in the Market Place

We continue our PEMF series, where we are providing key reference information on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and its practical applications in Healthcare.
Our first post provided brief history reference of PEMF, what maladies are successfully treatable, what effects on the human body, certain Internet resources and references to three videos that explain PEMF and advice on buying such gizmos.
In our second post  we discussed pros & cons of PEMF technology. Here we take a look at consumers in the PEMF marketplace.

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Many PEMF consumers do not actually think about the issue of how magnetic fields affect the human body; however, we are all subject to PEMF effects every living moment of our modern lives. To this end, we suggest downloading and reading his incredible 171-page report by Dr. Karl Maret, President Dove Health Alliance, at ISSSEEM 2015 Conference. In a concise and effective way, it covers a whole series of aspects of energy effect on the human body – including PEMF. Energy Medicine and the Future of Healthcare.

Dr. Michael Alpough from San Diego, CA, with a group of associates, is running ElectroMeds Website which has an abundance of information on PEMF. Here, I would like to direct readers to two important segments of this site:
1. Educational, which has links to PEMF clinical studies on various conditions, 

2. Review of 30+ machines that use either PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Frequencies Stimulation Therapy

To the best of our knowledge, the PEMF devices market is rather fragmented with only a couple of large vendors with virtually no market research reports generally available for public consumption. So, it's not an easy task to find detailed information about availability and pricing. In general, the PEMF market omits detailed pricing information which makes it very difficult to find cost information for buying such items.

Tiziano Marovino, DPT, MPH, DAAPM, Regional Director of ATI Physical Therapy—Michigan, published a document: 10 Must Have Devices for Your Practice - a review of the most popular electromagnetic devices, from the ease of use to patient satisfaction.
Here is what he says about PEMF 
“Patient adherence and compliance with rehabilitation devices usually are tied into several factors, including perceived value/benefit, costs, side effects, and time/duration of treatment. PEMF scores high in this category because treatments are delivered efficiently in a streamlined manner and normally do not have significant adverse effects that might potentially scare off a patient.”

While the above mentioned document looks more like a scholarly paper, the following document is a more practical approach: 2015 Buyer's Guide to PEMF - Healthy Spaces

Among other useful purchasing issues, we want to mention the following.
  • Why you need a Reputable, Progressive and Well Established PEMF Company?
  • Does the device produce earth-based frequencies?
  • Does the device contain a built-in Biorhythm Clock?
  • Is the device durable and Safe?
  • Does the Unit Actually Produce PURE Pulsating Magnetic Fields?
  • Do the Applicators Use the NASA Proven Square-Wave?
eBay has 16 listings of PEMF devices 
Amazon has 17 

The Price

When talking about PEMF devices, the issue of pricing varies greatly. Please look at the following illustration on ElectroMeds:

Michel Gareau, CD, published Centurion slides natural healing of pemf Please view the comparative table below.

MedGizmo provides links to some useful published PEMF papers:
21.06.2016, 00:46   MedGizmo
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