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MedGizmo: Injury Prevention Wearables

Continuing our journey into Wearable Technology healthcare and medical applications, let us have a look at the problem of injury prevention.  Injuries are common at every moment of our life: professional athletes, employees working in hazardous or industrial environments, telemedicine, medical care, exercise and health market in general. So, wearable technologies are addressing these problems at a very high know-how level. We may summarize the  requirements for injury prevention wearables from this paper:
  • Provision of vital health information about the user
  • Unobtrusive addition to a usual wear
  • Ability to communicate via wireless or Bluetooth to a phone app to supervisory personnel
  • Ability to issue alerts when necessary
  • Cheap and easily assembled
   What are the technology Developments?
  • Starting with the most sophisticated, we have to look into the Army Warfighter Physiological Status Monitoring System. The Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor lets an observer view heart rate, respiration and core temperature from a remote location. This information is then wirelessly transmitted to medical teams away from the battlefield, where it can then be analyzed against baseline measurements to make inferences about what’s happening to the soldier in combat.
  • Another development is going on at the Harvard Biodesign Lab . They are developing next generation soft wearable robots that use innovative textiles to provide a more conformal, unobtrusive and compliant means to interface to the human body. These robots will augment the capabilities of healthy individuals (e.g. improved walking efficiency) in addition to assisting those with muscle weakness or patients who suffer from physical or neurological disorders. As compared to a traditional exoskeleton, these systems have several advantages: the wearer's joints are unconstrained by external rigid structures, and the worn part of the suit is extremely light.  These properties minimize the suit's unintentional interference with the body's natural biomechanics and allow for more synergistic interaction with the wearer
The team from the University of Pennsylvania developed a color-changing material could signal traumatic brain injuries. A bomb blast or a rough tackle can inflict brain damage that destroys lives. Yet at the time of impact, these injuries are often invisible. Development aims to detect head trauma immediately with a polymer-based material that changes colors depending on how hard it is hit. The goal is to someday incorporate this material into protective headgear, providing an obvious indication of injury. Watch this video:

Here is out list of selected systems and devices:

Linx IAS™ — Sports Impact Monitor
The complete system to monitor sports head impact
Linx IAS Empowers & Connects Everyone
Parents. Nobody cares as much about your child's safety as you. Get notified the moment a potential concussion-causing impact occurs during practice or a game—even if you're at home or work.
Coaches & Athletic Directors:  Over 128 players can sync with one smartphone or tablet (no base station required), giving coaches an up-to-the-second dashboard of players' statuses.
Athletes: In the heat of competition, it’s easy to push past limits, to ignore the risks, to play on. The Linx IAS™ device gives immediate feedback with a green, yellow, or red LED so you can make smart decisions.
Doctors & Trainers: No device can diagnose a concussion, so Linx IAS™ lets you share crucial information with medical professionals so they can more accurately triage and treat any head injuries.

ViSafe™ wireless sensor technology
FDA-cleared powerful technology that measures human movement and provides companies, clinics and athletes objective, easy to interpret data that can be turned into measurable results. The wearable sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data.
ViSafe™ is a wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures how people move in real-time work situations, so companies can assess risky movements with hard data, not hunches, and then design fact-based solutions to create a safer work environment. The system consists of wearable motion sensors, software, and sophisticated algorithms that provide an objective, quantitative overview of workplace physical activity. The ViSafe team analyses the data and video footage to pinpoint risky areas of repetitive movement that can lead to injuries. After this is completed, we empower our partners to make evidence-based solutions to improve the safety of their workplace.

The ARMIS™ Polo helmet has been designed with the British Standards in mind, incorporating safety clips and air vents that ventilate but provide appropriate protection.
Crash sensor: linked to smartphone detects dangerous head impact and alerts 1st responders during a game and gives GPS coordinates for emergency response when rider is alone.
MIPS layer: MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a low-friction layer that moves inside the helmet mimicking the brain’s own protection system. This reduces the amount of rotational acceleration to the head.

RunScribe Running Wearable
Capture & Analyze 3D Running Metrics
Small & lightweight, RunScribe fits on the back of your shoe
While other running technologies offer limited information—merely tracking steps, distance, and speed—RunScribe provides an unprecedented 3D view of how an athlete really runs.
Gives athletes, trainers and coaches real-world data to make better training decisions.
Advances sports science through the creation of the world’s first crowdsourced kinematic running database.

Stridalyzer smart insole
Foot and knee stress monitoring and real-time review
One in four runners will have some kind of knee injury in any given year. Of all running injuries, about 42% are knee injuries. So we made it our top priority. Stridalyzer can estimate the various stresses acting on your knee and provide you with alerts, guidance and detailed data for your review, that can help you understand when and how you are overstressing your knees, and help prevent the all-too-common “runner’s knee”.

Riddell InSite Impact Response System
SMART HELMET TECHNOLOGY FOR SMART AT ALL LEVELS. With a design informed from a decade of on-field research powered by Riddell SRS, the Riddell InSite Response System enables improved identification and management of head impact exposure by providing continuous objective monitoring and alerting.

i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence System

i1 Biometrics Intelligence: Real-time understanding of a collision’s impact to your brain.
i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence System gives sideline personnel the ability to accurately measure the location and level of any given impact, and to establish an athlete’s history of exposure and injury.
At its core: mouthguard is transmitting real-time information allowing real-time decisions about a players’ ability to continue on the field. It’s the first solution to be inside the player’s head to protect them from the inside out.

JOLT head impact sensor
Better Concussion Detection for Youth Athletes
An advanced head impact sensor for peace of mind.
Always Listening: Jolt Sensor is always on, ready to record and analyze every impact, small or large.
Smart Filtering: Special algorithms filter out things like dropped helmets to avoid false alerts.
Instant Feedback: Turn on vibration mode to keep players aware of the hits they're accumulating.
Wireless Syncing: The sensor syncs impact data to connected smartphones in real-time via Bluetooth.
Extended Range: With a range of up to 200 yards, you can rest easy on the sidelines or in the stands.
Long Battery Life: Under typical use, the rechargeable battery can last over a month on a single charge.

Shockbox Impact Hockey Sensor
Shockbox impact Hockey Sensor – attaches to a hokey helmet and sends data through short range wireless Bluetooth to player smart phone. The wireless sensors in Shockbox helmet sensor send live alerts to a sideline smart phone when a hit exceeds a predetermined threshold. A smart phone app, which displays player histories and records hit counts, enables up to 125 players to be connected to a single device. The ShockBox can identify an individual player on the field and alert the coach that he or she may have sustained concussion or severe impact to the head, which would require medical attention. This sensor can be attached to a variety of helmets, including hockey, bicycle, horseback-riding and football helmets. Wearable sensors like this one could make a significant impact in sports leagues where one out of five head injuries results in a concussion.

Head Case Concussion Management System
Head Case is an affordable three-part concussion management system that measures head impacts, records data and provides diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions. The system uses the Head Case Impact Sensor, a small device inserted into a helmet to monitor and measure head impacts.

Guardian Angel wearable signaling device

The Guardian Angel® was designed to be tough, rugged, powerful and water-resistant, allowing it to withstand almost any situation the wearer finds him or herself in.  In an emergency extreme sports situation, being visible and/or located quickly can be the difference between life and death. The Guardian Angel is the world’s best wearable signaling device with features second to none.
The Guardian Angel offers the user many illumination and signal options through different LED modes and applications:
 Work Light – The work light on the Guardian Angel provides a hands-free white LED light to illuminate the area immediately in front of the wearer in dark environments.
 Front & Rear LED Mode – The Guardian Angel has rear and front LED modes that can be used separately or together, to allow the wearer to be illuminated from whichever direction they feel they need to be more visible.  For example, a mountain climber or skier may use the rear LED mode to increase his or her visibility to others from behind them.
 Emergency Mode - An emergency mode activates front, rear, and vertical strobes simultaneously allowing the wearer to be seen from 2.2 miles away creating 360-degree visibility around the wearer, as well as upward visibility to aerial rescue units.

COREMED X handheld and wearable pre-hospital care ER Vital Signs Monitor
Digital and Technical Capabilities
  •     Unparalleled Connectivity to EHR
  •     Can Store Up To 40 hours of Patient Records
  •     Monitor Patients Remotely using our PC Suite
  •     Export Patient Data In Common Office Formats
Sensing Capabilities: Six Vital Signs Measured and over 30 composite parameters calculated.
  •     ECG (3, 5, 12)
  •     Blood Pressure,
  •     Temperature (2 channels),
  •     Heart Rate
  •     Respiratory rate
  •     Masimo SET & Rainbow (SPO2 + 7 parameters)

ActiveProtective Wearable Airbag
ActiveProtective Wearable airbag designed to protect seniors when they fall
The resulting airbag is designed to be worn like a belt, either on top of or beneath the clothing. When its onboard 3D motion sensors detect atypical motion that's unique to falling, it uses a cold gas inflator (the same type used in seatbelt-mounted airbags) to deploy a slab-like airbag that runs down the sides of the hips. When the wearer hits the ground, the bag reduces impact force to the hip bones by a claimed 90 percent.

Reebok CHECKLIGHT Impact Indicator
Reebok CHECKLIGHT™  is an impact indicator that can be worn for any sports and fitness activity in which there is a potential for head or body contact with another athlete, object (ball, stick, goal post, etc.) or playing surface. It is intended to be an extra set of eyes that leads athletes on a pathway to injury assessment. It may also enhance current coaching techniques when instructing athletes how to participate in contact sports more safely.
Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ is a device that is worn on the head during sports and fitness activities with or without a helmet. It will indicate when the device has sustained an impact above a certain threshold.

The Triax Smart Impact Monitor
Tracking head impacts gives you the information you SIM-P automatically syncs impact data to the Triax mobile application.
Actionable Data at Your Fingertips
SIM-P automatically syncs impact data to the Triax mobile application.
Use the app to create a player profile, browse impact history by player, month, or season, and share forceful hits with your coach, physician and loved ones.

The Hiji Band
The Hiji Band can help with any sports performance monitoring, but its main focus is your physical health. Using the latest monitoring technology, the Hiji Band can catch any sports related head impacts and allow the injury to be identified and assessed in real time.
Real time reporting is the main feature of the band. You will get audio, visual and mobile features from this wearable tech.
  •     Users will be notified about any impact with an audio signal
  •     A secondary notification about an injury is also sent to the user with a bright LED
  •     The mobile app integrated with the band helps in giving real time alerts and details about the impact
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