MedGizmo - MedGizmo: Focus Point for Healthcare Wearables
29.01.2016, 19:02   MedGizmo

MedGizmo: Focus Point for Healthcare Wearables

We live in a rapidly changing world. A new generation is in place – the generation that was grown up and is used to high-tech: everywhere in day-to-day life. All grown-ups were shocked – when a 10-year-old nephew announced - “I just saw a cool device – rotary phone. Any fool can dial a phone number on iPhone, but try to do it on that gadget!” Yes, today young people can easily muster gadgets of all types. But - how can they find out what gadgets/applications are there? Naturally, on Google. However, Google, as an example, gives over 10,700,000 hits for the “medical gadgets” search.

These days mark our six months of existence. What MedGizmo Info? The essence of it: one point of information, where you may find the right medical and healthcare gadget for you – to suit your wishes, desires, and, most important your medical condition.

We have launched this project late June 2015, and it is still in a beta-mode, where we try to determine the best way of assembly of relevant information. Initially we were serving as a news aggregator point, selecting most interesting and new items form that gigantic flow of information that is originates on the Web daily. Starting November 2015 we are publishing overviews of the latest events and references to some technology and gadgets, as well as some general information on the subjects. So far, we have: as well as the coverage of specific subjects:
        We will provide brief overviews from the vendors and developers that already started to contact us, reviews from independent sources and a video clips that explain specific the gadget/application.

Initially we were thinking about medical gadgets/applications only, but we have found that there are more ways to expand the scope of coverage – with wellness, sports, and even pet gadgets?

We have managed our Twitter account @MedGizmo  and have 6,000+ tweets. Our Pinterest social tool allows us to structure all information that we have on our site. So, we have created a number of boards, where visitors may select information that they are interested in:
  •     Our Library of Major Important Posts
  •     Animals Gadgets
  •     Applications: General
  •     Applications: Specific Conditions
  •     Applications: Sports
  •     Digital Medicine
  •     Financing Wearable Development
  •     Healthcare Gadgets
  •     Smart Textiles & Smart Clothing
  •     Sports Gadgets
  •     Wearable Technology
  •     Wearables & Apps for Health Conditions
  •     Wearables & Business
  •     Wearables & Internet of Things
  •     Wearables & Security
  •     Wearables History
  •     Wearables Legal issues
  •     Wearables Market
  •     Women's Health
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29.01.2016, 19:02   MedGizmo
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