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MedGizmo: Fashion Technology - Wearables

It is nowadays common that technology and fashion are connecting in a number of ways. Here at MedGizmo we have posted several news items on the subject:

Here are some latest news pieces:

2015: a designer meets digital year in review

"... It’s been another big year for the fashion industry and its integration with technology: from the release of the (Hermès) Apple Watch, to Natalie Massenet’s departure from Net-a-Porter as it merged with Yoox, not to mention the ongoing and evolving discussions around fashion weeks becoming consumer-facing events.
Here then, are 10 of the posts you loved the most on Fashion & Mash this year. It’s a collection nodding to many of the aforementioned subjects we continue to track, as well as the likes of personalisation, data, instant messaging, emojis and more. A veritable feast of trends we’re watching across the digital landscape as we head into the New Year…
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Chromat x Misfit, Committed to Innovation in FashionTech
"... As Fashion Technology progresses into the mainstream, I look forward seeing more collaborations normalising wearables. I am ready for the merging of fashion and technology to go from being the phenomenon it is today to the everyday consumer fashion of tomorrow..."

This is a very interesting project:
Evolution Through Adornment
"... Human beings don't come into the world with elaborate plumage, intricate scales, phosphorescence, or the ability to change color at will.  Instead we are free to define our visual identities by choosing our own adornments.  What we wear can transform us and allow us to become the creatures of our imaginations.  My garments strive to unleash these creatures...."
Illuminated dresses for extraordinary brides

Another development is a completely new invention from WiseWear. They look like jewelry, but incorporate patented antenna technology. Devices track fitness, but they can also send a distress signal to contacts if the person wearing it has a problem. All the person has to do is tap the bracelet three times.
The Socialite™ Collection, our first line of luxury smart jewelry, was created to inspire women to be safe, connected, and in tune with their health and wellness. We designed each piece with one goal in mind: to make women feel their most confident on the inside and out. By concealing advanced technology inside casual, yet luxurious jewelry, Socialite allows women to monitor their health and safety in effortless style. Complete with mobile notifications, distress messaging, and detailed activity tracking, Socialite is well-equipped to provide users with everything they need.

Some news reports on WiseWear

Fashion Icon Iris Apfel Is Designing Wearables For WiseWear
"...WiseWear’s patented antenna technology means its accessories don't need screens, which makes them both inconspicuous to would-be attackers and incredibly beautiful to observers. "We’re the first to truly fuse fashion and technology," Wilmink says. The bangles caught the attention of fashion icon Iris Apfel, who loved the idea so much, she agreed to be the face of the brand, and will design several new pieces for future WiseWear collections..."

Medscape has this report:
Fitness Wearables Go High Fashion Outside the Gym
" ... the market shakes out, high-end wearables illustrate how health and fitness monitoring is becoming more ubiquitous in people's lives through artful disguise. It bodes well for patient care as wearables capture medical data to share with clinicians, said David Katz, MD, MPH, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in New Haven, Connecticut, during the panel discussion."
19.01.2016, 09:44   MedGizmo
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