MedGizmo - MedGizmo: Digital Parenting – Wearables & Apps Update (Part III)
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MedGizmo: Digital Parenting – Wearables & Apps Update (Part III)

This is the final post of our brief update on Digital Parenting. In our first part we made a general overview of the market and found out why baby monitors are popular. In the second part , we showed some latest baby monitors that use wearables – in contact with the child’s body. Now we suggest looking at certain Internet resources that help parents to manage everyday life.
First, we want to direct our reader to some paramount Internet links that relate to Digital Parenting.

Family Online Safety Institute - FOSI brings together and highlights the best safety messages, tools and methods to reach parents, children, and caregivers

Digital Parenting
helps you get back in control so you can advise and protect your child
Here are some useful links:
Internet Resources & Gadgets

uKnowKids  Parental Intelligence online service
Makes parenting easier, keeps kids safe online and on a mobile phone. Online service that helps monitor and analyze your child's social networking and mobile phone activity, profiles, friends. Parents can also use Family Map to locate their child and access the pictures posted online of their child with our Premier service. uKnowKids alerts you if your child is headed towards a risky situation or person so that you can step in and do what you do best - educate, engage and protect your child.
Torch Smart Wi-Fi Router
Torch is a smart, Wi-Fi router that offers parents digital peace of mind as their kids explore the internet. Pause Button. Pause the Internet with the push of a button for the whole house or specific profiles. Bedtimes: Set customized bedtimes for each child. Filtering: Block inappropriate content. Reporting: See your children’s browsing history in real-time, and how much time they spend online. 

Ily Family Phone
Ily Family Phone™ - eight-inch touchscreen device; connects to Wi-Fi, and can replace your landline phone simply by plugging your phone cable; no Internet browser - children can connect with family members without access to games, video sites, or unsafe Internet content; simply tap on the person’s photo on the ILY screen (e.g. children can touch a photo of Grandma to start a voice or a video call with her); Grandma can video call her grandchildren through her own ILY device or by downloading the ILY app on her smartphone or tablet. Connects directly to other ILYs in different households, one family member can own an ILY, while many others communicate with it through the app. And parents who travel can always make voice and video calls or send messages through the app when they are on the road. In addition to voice and video calls, ILY can be used to share messages, photos, and drawings; capture family notes, like shopping lists and reminders; and play music.
Kid-Safe Search Engines

Kid-Safe Search Engines:

A device which mechanically covers the built-in equipment cameras such as tablets and laptops by equipping them with a safety cover which functionally prevents any unauthorized or illicit recording of any image or video. WebcamBlocker is easy to install (see our video above) and its adhesive tape allow a firm grip without damaging the surface of your computer or tablet. Once installed, your kids can't use the webcam without the magnetic key so that they will be completely safe in front of the webcam.
Google Science Journal Application

Allows you to gather data from the world around you. It uses sensors to measure your environment, like light and sound, so you can graph your data, record your experiments, and organize your questions and ideas. Science Journal will allow you to experiment and engage with your world using different onboard sensors in your Android phone (e.g., accelerometers, microphone), as well as compatible external sensors. These activities (for ages 10 and up) will help you become familiar with using those sensors and interpreting graphs created in the app. Making & Science is a new initiative by Google.

DinnerTimeApp: ZeroPC DinnerTime Plus

Parents can download this application to remind their children about taking time out from their mobile devices. Features include: Real-time monitoring - See exactly what your child is doing on their phone in real time; Instant breaks: Set instant ‘Dinnertime’ or ‘Take a Break’ breaks pausing your child’s device activity for up to 24 hours; Scheduled breaks: Create up to 2 ‘Scheduled Breaks’ such as ‘Bed Time’ or ‘Study Time’ that automatically block your child’s device usage following a customized schedule; Set permitted apps: Allow your child to access specific apps during their breaks. App and Device time limits; Unusual activity notifications: Receive a notification if your child’s device experiences unusual activity.
Kolibree connected electric toothbrush with Rabbids Smart Brush!
iOS educational video game. Thanks to its 3D motion sensors, the Kolibree toothbrush detects where children brush, and interacts in real time with fun educational video games to keep kids entertained, engaged and teaches them best hygiene practices. Parents get reports automatically. Kolibree collaborated with Ubisoft to produce the game.
Gululu - interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated
Gives life to virtual pets to help kids drink water, and informs parents through a cloud-based app. Animated pets thrive in and explore the Gululu Universe as your child drinks more water. Sensors in the hardware, together with educational and social software, let your kid care for their virtual pet and make new friends. Gululu helps children develop healthy water-drinking habits that last a lifetime.
Kiddo parental monitoring bracelet
 Buying Kiddo, you receive a pair of bracelets. One for you and one for your child. Those bracelets communicate to each other and inform each other when one of each gets out of range. With a mobile app, you configure which bracelet belongs to you and which one to your child and at what distance does the alarm should start. From now on you can hide your smartphone - Kiddo bracelets communicate to each other seamlessly. 
 This concludes our series on Digital Parenting. We will provide monthly updates on new developments and products as they enter the market. Please, write your suggestions and comments to
30.06.2016, 20:26   MedGizmo
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