MedGizmo - MedGizmo: Digital Parenting - Baby Monitors Update (Part II)
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MedGizmo: Digital Parenting - Baby Monitors Update (Part II)

We continue to provide ongoing updates on the products that appear on the market. In our first part we made a general overview of the market and found out why baby monitors are popular. In this part, we focus on some of the latest baby monitors that use wearables. Current wearable technology ranges from controlling temperature to counting every word that your baby learns.

Fever Scout Wearable Thermometer
Viva Link’s Fever Scout is a soft wearable thermometer that continuously measures temperature and wirelessly sends that information to your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app tracks and alerts you of your child’s temperature seamlessly through your smartphone. Connectivity Range 40 meters with charger box relay. Wireless: Bluetooth 4.1. Typical Wearing Time: 1-3 days. Temperature Reading: Every minute. Target Age Group: Infants to Seniors.


iThermonitor by Raiing Med shows the highest temperature, duration of fever for each episode. Temperature Trend Chart combines temperature chart and fever related events, enabling the doctor to understand your child’s fever progression in a more informed way. For those who have more than one child, one smartphone can now connect with multiple iThermonitor sensors. 24/7 monitoring; high-temperature alert; data analysis - through collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital -  Fever Tips - free access to the Fever Management Information Framework – Thermia, licensed from Boston Children’s Hospital.

Pacifi Baby's Pacifier
Pacifi baby's pacifier by Blue Maestro - Smart thermometer pacifier for iOS and Android has a built-in thermometer that sends push notifications to the user via an accompanying app. These notifications let parents know when their baby isn't feeling well. Users can also enter medical information about their baby and share Pacifi's data with doctors and other caregivers.  Fitted with a special buzzer alarm and activated via their smartphone app.

Sproutling Baby Monitor

Sproutling Baby Monitor - sensing, learning, predicting baby monitor. With a band that sits around your baby's ankle, you just know more. The band is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. It communicates with the app on your phone and lets you know if your baby is sleeping soundly or if something is wrong.

Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker
Uses sensor technology to tell you (with real time streaming alerts) how your baby is breathing as well as their body position, sleeping temperature, activity level, and whether they’re asleep. Mimo provides alerts and send nightly reports on your little one’s sleep, it uses your smartphone to connect to all of your caregivers and keeps you constantly connected.

MonBaby Smart Breathing Movement Monitor for Babies
MonBaby is a Baby Breathing and Rollover Monitor with a Smart Button that tracks your baby's breathing and sleep position. Measurements are done in real-time, five times per second, and transmitted to your smartphone app, that receives your baby's patterns and displays them in an easy-to-understand manner. Breathing movements, body position (on the back or the stomach), and fall
detection. You may program only the alerts you wish to receive.

BabyBit Wearable Sensor
BabyBit is a small wearable sensor you snap onto your baby’s clothing. It connects through your caregiver’s smartphone and sends you updates and notifications throughout the day about the info you wish to know.

Starling by VersaMe Tech is a smart device that counts number of words young children and babies hear. Works in most any languages by measuring your child’s daily verbal activity. The company says, our wearable word counter helps you maximize your child’s language development.
This concludes our second part of Baby Monitoring Series. In our third part, we look at some gizmos and applications that help parents manage aspects of their children’s lives.
28.06.2016, 00:31   MedGizmo
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