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MedGizmo: Digital Parenting - Baby Monitors Update (Part I)

Digitalization of our modern world spreads across every aspect of our lives. Thus digitalization substantially simplifies many of our time-consuming daily activities. Recently Digital Parenting, a relatively new term was born. There is an abundance of resources on this subject. However, most of them are related to the interaction with teenagers on the Internet and parental advice. We would like to expand this notion and include all gadgets and gizmos that may help parents at an earlier stage of children’s lives. The first months and years of life are critical, so parents pay a great deal of time to attend to newborns and infants. Here, baby monitors that are coupled with microphones, smartphones, computers and tablets open a whole new world of opportunities for parents. Many parents enjoy this Baby Monitoring convenience – no need to stay close to the nursery.

The primary task of a baby monitor is to allow monitoring of the child while being out of direct visual and hearing range. Besides, many monitors are equipped with built-in lullabies, trackers of temperature and movement. Latest models directly stream video to smartphone, tablet, or computer via a downloaded app. Some newly designed monitors now have a two-way communications capability, so you may calm the baby by speaking soothing words, and also by allowing you to adjust the monitor as needed.

Deep Research Reports 
Current product types:
• The Internet viewable cameras and monitors
• Audio Monitors
• Video and Audio Monitors Combined
• Movement Detection & night vision Monitors
Grail Research’s segmentation of market goes deeper to functionality: 
• Baby Scale
• Pacifier
• Rocking Chair
• Baby Monitor Diapers
• Thermometer
• Baby Bottle Holder
• Smart Clothing
• Child Movement Tracker

Most research company’s note - The baby monitor market (till 2020) is growing with CAGR of about 10% per annum, while North America being the largest market. This is because North America has better technology infrastructures than the rest of the world. And, because of acceptability of the innovative advancements in the baby/childcare products market. In recent years, a rise in the demand from emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East has also been noted.

When looking at the United States, Grail Research points to the following reasons:

• 51% of professional and technical positions in the US are held by women, who are facing rising child care costs. Day care for children in the US is available at a high cost, with nanny’s costing about USD 700 per week, leading to strong growth of baby monitors and wearables tech
• 75% of the parents of the approximately 4 million babies born annually in the US purchase a baby monitor or tracker device.
We suggest - download and read this report it has lots of interesting information:
Grail Research: Data Driven Parenting Digitization of Mother and Child Care
How can you choose the right baby monitor for you? Googling ‘baby monitor’ gives you about 8,490,000 results. What is the way to survive in this sea of information? We provide here some advice, alongside with links and a brief description of latest devices that surfaced in the market.

BestReviews published Baby Monitor Buying Guide   where they look at the following products: Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW, Graco Secure Coverage Digital, Infant Optics DXR-8, VTech DM221 Safe & Sound, Angelcare Baby Sound 420. They discuss such parameters of choice as:
• Audio Quality
• Video Quality
• Signal Range
• Security Claims
• Ease of Use
• Value
Here is the “Best of the Best” selected device screenshot (Updated June 2016)

We also suggest going to Nanny Cams Review   to have a look at their Baby Monitor Reviews - Comparison Table

Baby Monitor Buying Guide
by Consumer Reports gives a detailed analysis including major vendors and their products; pricing.

Now, we provide updates on the products that appeared in the last few months – some of them are already available, some are at the pre-order state, some will reach the market later this year. In this post, we look at distance monitoring, where devices have no contact with the child’s body.
Nanit Baby Monitor

Part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru. The three-ounce camera is attached to a 10.5-pound base that suspends the camera over a crib. Nanit delivers real-time HD quality video, right to your phone or tablet. The Nanit app, with optional insights, provides an intuitive breakdown of infant sleeping patterns, including a heat-map of infant movement. Nanit Insights generate a color-coded sleep score for parents using four key metrics: sleep patterns, parent interventions, sleep onset, and total hours of sleep. Includes night light, white noise maker, nature sound generator, cable management system. Beyond sleep, the baby monitor can also track humidity, temperature, sound, and motion. 

Foscam HD Baby Monitor

Foscam HD Baby Monitor. Zone motion detection system to detect irregular movements and sound an alert to parents and a notification system connected to your phone, email, and FTP. Temperature detection monitors the indoor temperature and sends alerts to you if the actual temperature limit goes beyond the limit you set. Built-in speaker and microphone enable you to communicate remotely with your baby and elders. Can play soothing lullabies and adjust the volume remotely.
Onni Smart Care baby monitoring device

Onni Smart Care baby monitoring device by SEP Solutions - Logging the baby's feeding, sleeping and diaper changes with the free Onni app helps parents keep track of the most recurring daily baby care events and learn their baby's unique needs and patterns. The service also enables parents to record the child's development and growth using WHO charts.
Cocoon Cam

Helps parents feel confident that their baby is healthy with non-contact wellness video baby monitor. Gives you around-the-clock insights on the safety and wellness of your baby. Whether you're in the next room, or out of the house - you will have the power to know about your baby's status and activity while in the crib. Uses software to analyze video streams and detect vitals - without a wearable sensor.
Goodnight Charly

Baby monitor and music box for smartphones and tablets. Baby monitor function lets you know if your baby is uncomfortable. The device has a speaker you can take advantage of to stay in touch with your baby. Measures temperature and humidity levels and tells you when you should change things around. The connection is via Bluetooth or wi-fi.

Suzy Snooze Baby Monitor

Suzy Snooze Baby Monitor, Sleep Trainer & Nightlight - helps children get to sleep faster and teaches them to stay in bed. Colored light emulates the light of an evening sunset and creates feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Audio sequences move through melodic, hypnotic and ambient phases helping your child along the trajectory to sleep. Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor. The monitor lets you listen in live to your baby using high definition, secure audio.

Infant Snooze - Baby Sleep Monitor

iBabyGuard™ Infant Snooze - Baby Sleep Monitor. Detects & Actively Displays your Baby's Breath.  Fiber Optic Technology uses light, which does not emit any electrical energy. Safe for babies! Smartphone enabled to display sleeping baby's activity log and status. Stream MP3 Lullaby Music & audio books to the mat from Smartphone Playlist.  Room Ambient Temperature Sensing. Will Actively Alarm you just when baby needs you most.

This completes our first part of the review. In the next post, we will discuss baby monitors with wearables and some other devices.
25.06.2016, 19:57   MedGizmo
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