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MedGizmo Brain Wearables & Apps Update May 2016

MedGizmo produced a number of overviews on wearable technology applied to brain and mental health: However, every day we witness more and more gadgets, gizmos and apps. So, here is a brief update on the latest gadgets.

EyeSpeak stand-alone communication glasses

Communication system through eyes, especially designed for people with extreme mobility and communication limitations caused by different types of illness or injury. Consists of a pair of glasses in which the lenses have displayed a screen with a virtual keyboard. It has a micro camera that detects the position and the movement of the eyes and, in this way, identifies the key to which the user is looking at. Portable and easy to carry, like conventional glasses. The device doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or tablet to work and can be used anywhere and independently of the physical position. Internet connection Enables Web browsing, email visualization and communication via Skype. Benefits most for people with myotrophicLateralSclerosis (ALS), DuchenneMuscularDystrophy (DMD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), TraumaticBrainInjury (TBI), Traumatic spinalcord injury (SCI), rettsyndrome (RTT), Lockedin syndrome (LIS).

S+ by ResMed Sleep Tracking System

The S+ by ResMed is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracking system that helps analyze and improve sleep. Records light, noise and temperature conditions in room, and has features to help sleep more easily. It syncs with smartphone to provide tailored feedback and suggestions on how to improve sleep routine and sleep conditions in bedroom.

HaloNeuro HaloSport: neurotechnology for athletes

Unique technology Neuropriming is using pulses of energy to signal the motor cortex, improving the brain’s response to training. Put on HaloSport just like a pair of headphones; start a Neuropriming session using app. Soft foam Primers deliver gentle pulses of energy to produce a state of hyperplasticity, increasing the ability of neurons in the motor cortex to work together. HaloSport significantly increases neural drive, or the strength & coordination of signals sent from brain to muscles. Neuropriming also improves brain’s natural processes for learning & retaining information. HaloSport app allows athletes to target certain areas of the body, depending on their workout. Research is ongoing to apply HaloSport  to accelerate the rate of strokerecovery.

MemoryMD portable brain monitoring system

NeuroEEG™ - multi-channel, miniature, wireless clinical platform technology capable of recording electroencephalograms (EEG) in a fast, portable, and easy-to-use manner. The system uses high-fidelity digital wireless electrophysiological recording technology. Designed for use in mobile (ambulatory, team transportation vehicles), field applications, polysomnography (sleep testing), as well as hospital and athletic environments.
EasyCap - fully disposable, 16 channel electrode headset that is used alongside the NeuroEEG to enable functional brain monitoring anywhere and anytime. Has integrated circuit that solves virtually all of the problems of conventional EEG electrode applications. The EEG headset is pre-gelled, embeds silver-etched integrated wiring, and does not require prepping of the skin before application. Intended use is for emergency departments, intensive care units, or any other situation requiring a fast determination of a patient’s brain activity.

Ultracortex (Mark IV) 3D-printable EEG headset Kit

Ultracortex Mark IV is the next edition of the Ultracortex—a comfortable, adjustable, and 3D-printable EEG headset, compatible with all of the OpenBCI boards. The Ultracortex’s revolutionary design uses dry EEG sensors and takes less than 30 seconds to put on and get up-and-running
  • Higher node count (especially above motor cortex & visual cortex). We hope to be able to target all 61 electrode locations of the 10-10 System
  • Maximum comfort for prolonged recording
  • Simplified assembly and adjustability (based on feedback from our Mark III customers)
  • Secured electrode cabling for reduced noise and improved aesthetic

SPARK Personal Neuro Devices wearable treatment and monitoring of brain health device


Personal Neuro Devices is a neuroscience company that combines brain health research, hardware and software development and clinical experience to develop wearable brain sensors and neurometric feedback apps now in use by thousands of people all over the planet. Traditionally, brain treatment required frequent hospital and clinic visits which can be expensive and time consuming. But now with the Spark headset people of all ages can easily receive ongoing brain health monitoring simply by using the Spark headset and a smartphone.
Spark's low profile design is elegant and inconspicuous. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and comes with an app to begin monitoring and analyzing your brain activity immediately.

    - Sampling Rate: 256 Hz
    - Bluetooth v. 4
    - Battery Life: up to 8 hours (charged via micro usb)
    - Neurofeedback apps to train cognitive faculties

Samsung’s Brainband Tackles Sports Concussion

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Samsung Electronics Australia has announced the creation of brainBAND, an innovative piece of wearable technology designed to facilitate research into concussion in sports. brainBAND is the work of Dr. Alan Pearce and Braden Wilson. Dr. Alan Pearce, a neuroscientist heavily involved in concussion research and education, and Braden Wilson, an industrial designer, worked with Samsung on the program. Together, they created a wearable technology prototype that can track impacts to the head in contact sports in real-time, with the aim to use this data to better understand concussion in sport and the ongoing impact on the brain. In the prototype, a specially designed headband houses sensors at the back of the head that measure the force of an impact. This information would then be relayed via an app to medics, referees and coaches, all in real-time through the use of Samsung devices. A series of LED lights embedded in the headband indicate the level of impact of a hit: yellow, orange and red for high alert, meaning a player should be taken off the field for assessment.
08.05.2016, 10:23   MedGizmo
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