MedGizmo - MedGizmo: Applications Update, April 2016. Part III – Apps fro Women
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MedGizmo: Applications Update, April 2016. Part III – Apps for Women

This is the third installment on MedGizmo Applications update. First part is available at this LINK  ; the second – where we provided information on various on-line applications HERE
In this post we have a look on latest updates for apps for women.

Of course, we cannot bypass this wonderful Web-site
That has a lot of apps for everyday life, including those for Mums, and Health. However, it is not regularly updated.

The Huffington Post also has a dedicated page, which (as you may see from the screenshot has some interesting apps):

So, let us have a look on what is available:

GizBot has this: Ladies Only: 10 Apps You Should be using to manage personal, professional life on your phone!

Features apps are:
  • RideSafe safety app,
  • Period Tracker,
  • MyPill,
  • Roposo fashion social platform,
  • and some fitness and culinary apps.
Look at apps HERE


Best 10 Personal Safety Apps For Women [Android]
by Hongkiat

  • VithU App with two simple clicks, you can let your guardians know about your current location during your time of need.
  • Circle of 6 is a unique app that lets you connect to up to 6 close contacts.
  • Life360 to stay in touch with family members and friends and know their location
There are more – click HERE
Popsugar provides 18 Free Apps Every Woman Should Download
Among them are:
myPill® Birth Control Reminder & Menstrual Cycle Calendar Tracker  and even SitOrSquat - that helps you find suitable restrooms in unfamiliar areas.
Read the whole article HERE

Top 10 pregnancy apps for expecting (or new) mums
Ovia Fertility,
  • Baby Bump,
  • Prenatal Smart,
  • I’m Expecting Pregnancy and Baby Guide,
  • My Pregnancy Today, 
  • Sprout Pregnancy,
  • Prenatal Pilates,
  • Full Term,
  • Baby Name,
  • Mind the Bump
Get to know about apps HERE

Best iPhone iPad apps for baby monitoring from AppPicker
  • Safe Baby Monitor - Free Babyphone with Lullabies,
  • Baby Monitor for IP Camera,
  • WiFi Baby - Baby Monitor,
  • Baby Noise Monitor,
  • Baby Monitor by Annie - Best Video and Audio Nanny Cam for WiFi, 3G and LTE with Lullabies,
  • Wireless Monitor & Listen (Monitor the baby and all the things of the room,Camera to PC withOUT Client)--Third Eye Pro
And many others
Look at the choice HERE
This concludes our third post of series. In the next posts we will continue updating on some major apps.
22.04.2016, 10:31   MedGizmo
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