MedGizmo - MedGizmo: Applications Update, April 2016. Part II – Online Apps & Caregiving
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MedGizmo: Applications Update, April 2016. Part II – Online Apps & Caregiving

This is a second installment on MedGizmo Applications update. First part is available at this LINK, where we have discussed some issues related to medical and health apps and provided advice where to find most popular of them

Before we go on, we would like to point to just released data by Park Associates Group  – this shows that percentage of apps users is still very low:
“… low technology adoption and app usage among caregivers in U.S. broadband households, where 76% own a smartphone and less than 40% of them use an app to assist with caregiving tasks. The low app usage aligns with the age distribution of these people who care for an elderly or frail family member. Twenty-seven percent of U.S. caregivers are ages 45-54, but this age group accounts for only 16% of the app users….”

Now, let us have a look at some of the latest updates on applications – the ones that we have provided with MedGizmo Twitter Feed in the last couple of month.

Note. We are NOT suggesting that information below will cure any malady or disease, nor that these are 100% trusted applications. Our goal is to provide references for those interested, so they may continue to explore and evaluate.

On-Line Medical Apps

CrowdMed - crowdsourced medical diagnosis service

This is how the Wall Street Journal describes the system:
“… On CrowdMed, patients with an unknown medical problem can fill out a basic questionnaire and upload photos or videos to request an unofficial diagnosis from a community of “medical detectives. Site users can suggest a possible diagnosis and even solutions for dealing with some symptoms. Suggestions are voted up or down by the community, with proven medical experts’ responses more heavily weighted than new or unknown users…”
Read more HERE

Peek Vision: Professional eye exams from your smartphone

With a mobile app and lens adapter we provide an easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes, whether in a clinic or in the comfort of a patient’s home
Regional and remote healthcare workers, accident and emergency staff, medical students, general practitioners (GPs), family doctors, nurses, consultants, optometrists, orthoptists, ophthalmologists and even vets.
We suggest to read the WIRED U.K. post that says:
“…It comes with a 3D-printed clip-on adapter that uses the camera's flash to scan inside the eye and diagnose disease within 30 seconds. "We've got a direct comparison of someone using Peekversus a team led by a UK-trained doctor with the best equipment money can buy…"
Read the full story HERE

Opternative - eyeglass and contact prescriptions online

Opternative is as accurate as an in-person refractive eye exam. The developers write on their Website:
“Opternative eye exam was as accurate as a traditional refractive exam performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist using a phoropter.” And they provide Clinical Trial Summary Report

Doctena: European medical booking platform and app

Doctena is an online platform dedicated to helping patients find practitioners and organize an appointment with them. The best use of the newest online and mobile technologies in order to help reduce the waiting time until the consultation.
This is a European platform that works so far in Luxemburg, Belgium and Netherlands
Here is what Luxemburg paper writes:
“…the use of Doctena’s iOS and Android Apps has increased by 50% compared to last year’s survey. A third of the respondents have booked their appointments via the mobile app, which showcases a clear turning point regarding the use of different technologies…”

And, finally, - a very useful for international travelers and medical tourism use:

UniversalDoctor Speaker: Connect to doctors in 30 languages

Mobile application UniversalDoctor enables multilingual communication between healthcare professionals and patients in 30 languages.
UniversalDoctor Speaker Mobile comes with over 500 medical phrases with accompanying audios by native speakers in each language. The mobile app content is drawn from the same database as the UniversalDoctor Speaker web app, which is used by hospitals, clinics, governments and healthcare professionals around the world.
Works Offline – No need for an internet connection. Once the app is downloaded on your device, all the translations and audios are on your device for offline use - no Wifi or data connection required to use the app on the go
Read this story: UniversalDoctor Wins UN World Summit Award (WSA-mobile) for Mobile Health


Aifloo SmartCare e-health system is based on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

This e-health system learns about a person through movement detection, behavior analysis, and more. As soon as a problem is detected, you are alerted instantly via an app on your smartphone. If anything is wrong, it sends an automatic alert to your smartphone.
This concludes our second post of series. In the next posts we will continue updating on some major apps.
21.04.2016, 08:03   MedGizmo
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