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04.11.2015, 15:31   MDDI

Kaiser Permanente: Dismiss Wearables, Big Data Rules

Top Doc: "Wearables Solve a Problem Called December"
 by Arundhati Parmar on November 3, 2015

Top physicians are showing deep skepticism for wearables and the impact they can have on healthcare.

The skepticism toward wearables is coming fast and furious.

Dr. Robert Pearl, executive director and CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, part of Kaiser Permanente, roundly dismissed wearables at the recently concluded Partners HealthCare Connected Health Symposium in Boston, according to Mobihealthnews.

..... That sentiment is not surprising. Last week, Dr. Robert Schwartz, a well-known cardiologist with the Minnesota Heart Institute, said that he is aware that certain medical practices are flat out declining to accept third-party patient readings.... "There is a big problem with liability," Schwartz said. "A patient sends me an EKG with AliveCor and I don't do anything about it and the patient has a problem, am I liable for that?" Scwartz asks. "We need that to be worked out also given the possibility of litigation because otherwise some [medical] groups are saying that, "We are not going to accept any AliveCor or any outside readings for now.'"

... "The challenge on the clinical side is 'What do I do with the data?'" said Ranndy Kellogg, chief operating officer of Omron Healthcare, a wearable developer, told the audience at AdvaMed in San Diego in early October. "There's may be too much data. What is the right data for what I need for that particular patient, that particular consumer. Just because I [as a consumer] can collect the data doesn't mean I need to sent it to my doctor."

But Permanente Medical Group's Pearl seems to doubt the usefulness of simply monitoring, which is the purpose of most wearables.

...While being skeptical of the value of wearables, Pearl does believe in a different end product of connected health and technology: Big Data...

Arundhati Parmar is senior editor at MD+DI. Reach her at and on Twitter @aparmarbb

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04.11.2015, 15:31   MDDI
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