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24.08.2015, 08:28   Sukanya Mandal

Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Applications

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Internet of Things (IoT) - Part 5 (Applications)
By Sukanya Mandal on Aug 23, 2015
In this article you will learn about applications in the Internet of Things.


Clinical Care: IoT-driven monitoring systems are used for hospitalized patients whose physiological status requires constant close attention. These monitoring systems employ sensors to collect physiological information that is analyzed and stored using gateways and the cloud. This information is then sent wirelessly to caregivers for further analysis and review. It provides a continuous automated flow of information. Thus, the quality of care is improved through constant attention that in turn lowers the cost of care.

IoT in Clinical Care

Remote monitoring: Due to the lack of immediate access to effective health monitoring systems, many lives suffer risks. Small, powerful, wireless solutions connected through the IoT are making it possible for remote monitoring of those patients who require immediate attention. Patient’s health data are captured using various sensors and are analyzed and sent to the medical professional for proper medical assistance remotely.

Sensors connected on a patient for Remote Health Monitoring

IoT in Remote Health Monitoring

Sukanya Mandal
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24.08.2015, 08:28   Sukanya Mandal
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