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14.01.2016, 14:56

EU Report: Wearable Sensors and Digital Platforms in Health

The JRC project on Trust in Digital Interactions (TRUDI) deals with the construction and renewal of confident and trusted relationships among institutions, corporations and citizens, addressed as a major and urgent issue to be solved. The present report examines relationships for nurturing trust between corporations and citizens. In this context the JRC investigated wearable sensors and digital platforms in health as an empirical case study of citizens' involvement in designing the values embedded in information systems and services as well as their implementation and management.

The review  covers core functional and ethical dimensions of wearable sensing devices and platforms, as follows:
  • Functionalities
  • Usability criteria.
  • By‐design normative protections
  • In design customizations
  • Openness
  • Interoperability

Major sections of the report cover the following:
  • Definition and classification of wearable sensors (with the degree of smartness they
  • provide)
  • Capabilities of wearable sensors (Authentication, Data collection, Individual
  • Feedback on findings and tracking,
  • Results of empirical testing of wearable sensors.
  • Digital platforms for health activities

Interesting part of it is:

Capabilities of quantified self tracking systems
Quantified  self tracking systems are digital health platforms that have evolved and scaled up from wearable sensor  applications to collaborative large-­‐scale data collection and processing systems with enhanced sensor processing, interactivity and sharing capabilities.
A typical system model describing stakeholders and architectural components is illustrated in  Figure

Two annexes have:
Results of empirical testing of wearable sensors
Beddit sleep manager, Jawbone, Withings Blood pressure monitor 801, Smart Body analyser, Withings Aura, VitalJacket by Biodevices SA, Zephyr Bioharness 3, Smart Citizen Kit by Fab Lab Barcelona
Results of empirical testing of digital health platforms
Dacadoo by Dacadoo AG; Fluxtream data visualization service; Withings Health Mate

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14.01.2016, 14:56
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