MedGizmo - DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare SlideShare Overview – February 04, 2018
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DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare SlideShare Overview – February 04, 2018

MedGizmo Weekly SlideShare Overview – February 04, 2018 - notable presentations on Healhcare Developments and Technoligies for the past week


Indian Healthcare Sector Report - January 2018 
India is expected to rank amongst the top 3 healthcare markets in terms of incremental growth by 2020. In FY17, Indian healthcare sector stood as the 4th largest employer as the sector employed a total of 319,780 people. In May 2017, the Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST) announced plans to create around 1 million skilled healthcare providers by 2022. Fourth Largest Employer

INFOGRAPHIC: The State of IoT in the Healthcare Industry 
According to a latest report “IoT Healthcare Market by Components (Medical Device, System and Software, Service, and Connectivity Technology), Application (Telemedicine, Workflow Management, Connected Imaging, Medication Management), End-User – Global Forecast to 2020”, the global Internet of things healthcare market is estimated to grow from USD 32.4 Billion in 2015 to USD 163.2 Billion by 2020, which is 403% in 5 years.

The 10 best e healthcare solution provider companies dec 2017
Given the potential benefits of e-Healthcare, Insight Success introducing some of the most prominent organizations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond the advisory level.  “The 10 Best E-Healthcare Solution Provider Companies” issue aspires to assist organizations to find the right  technology partner who has the resources and skills to deliver smart e-healthcare solutions with scalability and inventiveness.

Digital Health Solutions - Metabolaid Example Case 
Digitalization has opened a new path to personalized nutrition. Digital solutions like the Metabolaid app will allow to integrate the product consumption and effects, with consumer characteristics and habits, giving personal advice and support to maximize their results. Technology and supplementation working together to give consumers the solutions they need.

ScribOrder e-Transcripts 
ScribOrder is rapidly becoming a leader in online records management and student records request solutions for K-12 school districts as well as post-secondary institutions. ScribOrder transitions existing manual, paper-based processes into an automated solution designed to enhance student service by unifying the acceptance, payment and delivery of student records.

CES 2018 VRAR 
James D.B. Wang, PhD, Expert of Motion Tracking & Learning
This slide is my observation of VRAR technology and market with my visiting in CES 2018. Although the VR market has been going up and down in past three years, market leaders (like Vive or so) are still pushing the product spec toward better experience (finer resolution and wireless)

Virtual Realty 101 for Clinical Education 
Eric B. Bauman, Reid A. Adams, Angela Robert & Jennifer Javornik January 15, 2018 Los Angeles, California
VR 101 was presented as a panel presentation at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA and addressed the following objectives: 
Introduction to the concept of Virtual Reality within the context of Clinical Education 
An understanding of best use cases for the integration of virtual reality solutions into existing curricula 
Introduction to contemporary pedagogy that supports VR and multi-media simulation

The Four Essential Zones of a Healthcare Data Lake  
Health Catalyst
The role of a data lake in healthcare analytics is essential in that it creates broad data access and usability across the enterprise. It has symbiotic relationships with an enterprise data warehouse and a data operating system. 
To avoid turning the data lake into a black lagoon, it should feature four specific zones that optimize the analytics experience for multiple user groups: 
1. Raw data zone. 
2. Refined data zone. 
3. Trusted data zone. 
4. Sandbox data zone.

Improving Patient Safety: Machine Learning Targets an Urgent Concern
Health Catalyst
With over 400,000 patient-harm related deaths annually and costs of more the $1 billion, health systems urgently need ways to improve patient safety. One promising safety solution is patient harm risk assessment tools that leverage machine learning. 
An effective patient safety surveillance tool has five core capabilities: 
1. Identifies risk: provides concurrent daily surveillance for all-cause harm events in a health system population. 
2. Stratifies patients at risk: places at-risk patients into risk categories (e.g., high, medium, and low risk). 
3. Shows modifiable risk factors: by understanding patient risk factors that can be modified, clinicians know where to intervene to prevent harm. 
4. Shows impactability: helps clinicians identify high-risk patients and prioritize treatment by patients who are most likely to benefit from preventive care. 
5. Makes risk prediction accessible: integrates risk prediction into workflow tools for immediate access.

Napier Healthcare: Making Connected Healthcare a Reality 
These slides were part of the presentation by Napier Healthcare Solutions at one of HiMSS Asia Pacific's first webinars of 2018. Speaking on January 24, 2018, Anil Kumar, VP of Product Management, Napier Healthcare, guided the audience through the complex of technological, regulatory and commercial issues surrounding the often misunderstood concept of Connected Health, and shared strategies that healthcare providers can adopt to kickstart initiatives toward delivering connected healthcare.

The Role of ICT In The Health System 
Transforming Healthcare for Healthcare seekers and healthcare workers. 
Lasso Technologies and SAP at the 2nd Paraclete Health Sector Development Partner Forum on the role of ICT in the health system. 
Modular solutions that provide a total solution for healthcare, with embedded industry best practices and customisable to local needs. 
Lasso technologies, an SAP partner, offer turnkey solutions for IICT projects.

DigitalHealth Success Stories (and Failures) Report 
Tom Parsons, Co-founder/CPO at HealthXL
Part 2 of our report looks closely at some of the high profile failures to date in order to highlight warnings signs for projects and collaborations in the future. You’ll hear from Skip Fleshman, General Partner at Asset Management Ventures, about his perspective on the enormous investment being pumped into the market and how it should be managed. You’ll get an insider view from Cure Forward and Imperial College Health Partners about some of the reasons behind failures they have experienced and what we can learn from them. And through 2 case studies, you’ll learn more about how transparent and accurate results and trials are integral to ongoing development and success.

The Future of Healthcare is here with Nano-biotechnology 
By Timothy N. Crammer, MBA, PMP 
Man, has come a long way in dealing with diseases that have troubled his life since the beginnings of civilization. Today, technology has come to his aid in the treatment of diseases. And now, nanotechnology is the next wave of technological innovation that promises to revolutionize how we solve healthcare problems. This technology has profound impact in not only healthcare, but electronics, information technology, aerospace, transportation, national defense, agriculture, the environment and many other areas.
Future of Healthcare Marketing Digital and Social
Hemant Radhakrishnan, Director, Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd 
● Electronic medical records ● Digitization of medical equipments ● Tele medicine ● Tele ICU management ● Tele radiology ● AI based diagnosis and management ● Robotic surgeries and more.. Rampant Digitization Future of Healthcare is Digital and Social


Wearables and Gamification for Personal Health Management 
 David Wortley 360in360IX
● My background and influencers ● My wearable technologies story ● Results and statistics ● Personal view of my current wearables ● Lessons learnt ● Wearables future scenarios ● Meeting the challenges of the Ageing Society

Latest Growth Opportunities in the E-textile Market 
This Technavio report, “Global e-textile market” provides an in-depth analysis of e-textile market with the competitive landscape, key vendors, segmentation by product, and the distribution channel. Technavio forecasts the e-textile market growth to accelerate heavily/slightly in the forecast period. This growth in the e-textile market is opening up new opportunities and revenue possibilities which are highlighted in this report.

Robotic surgery 
A PPT about surgeries using robots in the modern world.


BLOCKMEDX Combating the Opioid Crisis on the Blockchain  
Solution Distributed application built on the Ethereum blockchain Prescriptions accepted by pharmacy staff biometrically and MDX token deposited in pharmacy’s integrated wallet Full, real-time prescription history at the fingertips of both prescribers and pharmacies Constant, real-time database monitoring by machine-learning algorithms to identify and report fraud and suspicious activity to regulatory agencies as it happens Prescriptions are transmitted electronically, paired with a native MDX token Prescriptions are biometrically signed by prescriber


Common problems in neurology 
Common problems • Vertigo and dizziness • Stroke • Headache • Meningitis • Dementia and Parkinson disease I would like to stress on how to simplify this problems and to discuss certain points which would help for prompt and early referrals

Alzheimer’s disease: Clinical Review
By Dr. Tarek A. Gouda Professor of neurology Licensed consultant neurologist 
Progressive deterioration in cognitive ability in the absence of other known neurologic or medical problems. -It is the most common type of dementia (50-70% of cases of dementia) -Alzheimer’s disease is progressive and irreversible.

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