MedGizmo - DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare Research Papers & SlideShare Overview for the Week Ending March 10, 2109
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DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare Research Papers & SlideShare Overview for the Week Ending March 10, 2109



Tech Trends Report 2019 - Accenture Tech Vision 

Paulo Ratinecas, Owner - Direct MaxiMarket Gestão do Reconhecimento

Distributed ledger technology, Artificial intelligence, extended Reality, and Quantum computing (DARQ) are already having an impact in disparate areas of enterprise. DARQ technologies will drive the post-digital wave, but catching that wave will only be possible with the firm foundation of SMAC. Looking even further down the road? DARQ technologies will enable innovation in such core aspects of the business that they will be foundational for whatever comes after that. As companies move to meet these goals, they must also accept a new level of responsibility


Future Watch Health & Wellbeing in the Digital World – Vision 2025 Part I Transformations in care delivery 2019

Team Finland Future Watch

 The move towards Population Health Management and the role of Preventative Medicine – an integrated and holistic approach  The Digital Health Ecosystem in 2025  Key enabling Digital Solutions supporting Individual Centric Health & Wellbeing through 2025  Next Generation Solutions – R&D and Investment Focus  Consumerism and Participative Healthcare – Paradigm shifts in the next decade


DayOne Aging Expert Event Intro: Creating World-Leading Hub For Healthcare Innovation In Precision Medicine & Digital Health 

dayonebasel - Introduction to dayone expert event on Aging. 26th February 2019. Halle 7 Basel.

Mission: Create a world leading hub for healthcare innovation, built on the strength of the Basel region respected for its impact and collaboration across disciplines and industries with a focus on precision medicine – the convergence of diagnostics, treatment and digital health


The Diagnostician - Quantum_AI Advanced Health Care Solutions 

Ranobijoy Bhattachary

Quantum_AI Advanced Health Care Solutions (Stealth Mode) )is building a A.I network for healthcare which manages, operates and delivers every-single part of the healthcare system of now and future. It's united system-network which consists of A.I. Based Medical Advisory/Assistance/Connector ; Advanced Visualization Systems with hyper-detailed 3D medical data analysis and AR/VR data visualization kit ; I.O.T Based medical sensor , equipment , Hybrid-Deep-Learning-Enabled-I.O.T-Data-Processing Cloud ; Genetical Data , Previous Medical Data and Inheritance Based Pre-Disease Calculation ; Need-Based Genetically Engineered Drug-Development ; Robotic Solutions/Advanced Robotics Solutions/Soft Robotics Solutions/ Surgical Robotic Solutions/Therapeutics Robotics Solutions ; Financial consultancy for patients and insurance companies and "Others" . This A.I networks in a Hybrid-Distributed-Parallel manner ; which finds solution results as fast as a google search and delivers whatever user-end needs in terms of healthcare solution .


SAP Healthcare Solutions | SAP ERP For Healthcare Industry 

maheshkumarrr Dynamo

SAP solutions for healthcare provide accurate access to healthcare analytics. Healthcare providers can improve the efficiency and quality of patient care while reducing costs, deliver real-time collaboration, coordination and reporting to bring your medical organization to a new level of patient care with ​SAP Healthcare solutions.


AI in the Singapore Health and Public Sector 

Ashley Khor, Applied Intelligence Lead, Accenture Health and Public Service Singapore

A 9min overview of how Singapore has leveraged AI for its smart nation journey. Presented at AI Monday organised by the Finnish Business Council on 4 March 2019

The Challenges of Diagnostic Imaging in the Era of Big Data 

Marco Aiello st al. IRCCS SDN, Via Gianturco 113, Napoli 80143, Italy; J. Clin. Med. 2019, 8, 316; doi:10.3390/jcm8030316

The diagnostic imaging field has undergone considerable growth both in terms of technological development and market expansion; with the following increasing production of a considerable amount of data that potentially fully poses diagnostic imaging in the Big data in the context of healthcare. Nevertheless, the mere production of a large amount of data does not automatically permit the real exploitation of their intrinsic value. Therefore, it is necessary to develop digital platforms and applications that favor the correct and advantageous management of diagnostic images such as Big data. This work aims to frame the role of diagnostic imaging in this new scenario, emphasizing the open challenges in exploiting such intense data generation for decision making with Big data analytics.


From Big Data to Precision Medicine 

Tim Hulsen et al. Department of Professional Health Solutions and Services, Philips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Front. Med., 01 March 2019 |

New methods dedicated to improving data collection, storage, cleaning, processing and interpretation continue to be developed, although not always by, or for, medical researchers. Exploiting new tools to extract meaning from large volume information has the potential to drive real change in clinical practice, from personalized therapy and intelligent drug design to population screening and electronic health record mining. As ever, where new technology promises “Big Advances,” significant challenges remain. Here we discuss both the opportunities and challenges posed to biomedical research by our increasing ability to tackle large datasets. Important challenges include the need for standardization of data content, format, and clinical definitions, a heightened need for collaborative networks with sharing of both data and expertise and, perhaps most importantly, a need to reconsider how and when analytic methodology is taught to medical researchers.


From Myth to Reality – Revolutionizing Healthcare with Augmented Intelligence and Social Determinants of Health 


This whitepaper discusses the importance of social determinants of health, how they affect the processes of care delivery, and how a social vulnerability index can be used to derive critical patient engagement insights and specific actions to be taken on the patient’s behalf. Innovaccer’s approach to calculating the social vulnerability index is discussed, as well as how appropriate interventions could be ascertained based on the categorization of social insights into seven sub-indices


Health and Technology Megatrends for #SBM2019 

Susannah Fox

The internet connects us not only with information, but also with each other. That deceptively simple insight is key to our work in improving health outcomes. This session will provide data from both national surveys and clinical studies to raise questions and awareness about peer to peer health care and other megatrends at the intersection of health and technology. Online engagement is a path out of the maze of illness and despair that we find ourselves in these days. Social media can be a platform for hope.





5 Ways To Use The Digital Platform For Medical Advertising


Any advertising done with respect to medical or healthcare sector would undergo scrutiny for the claims the company makes for their products or services. It is easier for OTC or over the counter products to claim health benefits for their nutritional products or supplements. Pharmaceutical drugs and those especially that need a Doctor's prescription cannot be advertised freely and therefore Medical Advertising here needs to take into account the channels they would want to use to drive their products and sales for their business


 Kapture for Healthcare 

Kapture CRM

Kapture, a healthcare relationship management software, helps to stay in contact with patients and also with referral organisations. It streamlines all healthcare processes seamlessly such as invoice, billing, prescriptions. Its common dashboard helps manage messages from multiple channels including social, calls, website etc. This system helps to unify and harmonize data coming from different sources and boost your internal teams. So, overcome your challenges through Kaptures cloud based patient document management and leverage your industry.


 Digital Marketing Strategy For A Medical Devices Company

Nina Anigbogu , Marketing Director

CASE STUDY: Paul Hartmann

GOAL - Increase market penetration of HARTMAN Wound Care products in the UK through brand awareness. OBJECTIVES: To develop a digital brand campaign for the HARTMANN Wound Care and implement it from 1st March 2019 – 14th April 2019. The campaign must focus on:  Brand awareness  Brand promotion


Healthcare Marketer's Exchange – March 2019 




Artem Health Smart Clinic for Telemedicine Services 


Artemhealth smart clinic is the online providing tele consultation and remote consultation services with specialist doctors and patients locations. Get more details and information join us smart clinic.


Ageing: the Game Changer Of Healthcare 

dayonebasel - Presentation by Dr Mieke Deschodt at the DayOne expert event on aging on Feb 26, 2019. Dr. Mieke Deschodt, Postdoctoral research fellow Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel, Switzerland Gerontology and Geriatrics, University of Leuven, Belgium

Overview integrated care models Integrated care = approach to strengthen a people-centered health system through the promotion of comprehensive delivery of quality services 1) Individual models o Case management o Individual care plans 2) Group- and disease-specific models o Chronic Care Model o Integrated care models for older and frail 3) Population-based models o Kaiser Permanente




Using Eclipse Technologies To Develop the BRAIN-IoT Model-Based Framework For IoT Platforms

Brain IoT Project

This talk presents an overview of the BRAIN-IoT framework that implements a model-based approach to enable composability and deployment of heterogeneous IoT platforms in a secure way. We will highlight how Eclipse sensinAct and Eclipse Papyrus are used in BRAIN-IoT to provide some of the platform’s capabilities.




Answers to Common Legal Questions 

Holland & Hart LLP

Overview • Consent and payment for minors’ care • Disclosing minors’ health info • Responding to records requests • Patient discounts and write-offs • Scope of practice for non-physicians, including PAs, NPs, MAs, and nurses • Interpreters, translations, and service animals • Firing patients from the practice • Changing or closing practices


Effective Hospital Boards - Board Training (9-18)

Holland & Hart LLP

Overview • Effective Governance • Board Responsibilities • Board Roles • Effective Members • Effective Meetings • Fiduciary Duties • Defenses and Protections for Board Members • Laws Board Members Should Know


Using Non-Physicians to Expand Physician Practice: Legal Issue (10-17) 

Holland & Hart LLP

Liability. Scope of practice.  Appropriate delegation.  Reimbursement.  Compensation structures.  Bonus topics:  - Telemedicine - Non-Physician Owners.



OECD: How's Life in the Digital Age? 


Opportunities and Risks of the Digital Transformation for People's Well-being. This report documents how the ongoing digital transformation is affecting people’s lives across the 11 key dimensions that make up the How’s Life? Well-being Framework (Income and wealth, Jobs and earnings, Housing, Health status, Education and skills, Work-life balance, Civic engagement and governance, Social connections, Environmental quality, Personal security, and Subjective well-being). A summary of existing studies highlights 39 key impacts of the digital transformation on people’s well-being. The review shows that these impacts can be positive as digital technologies expand the boundaries of information availability and enhance human productivity, but can also imply risks for people’s well-being, ranging from cyber-bullying to the emergence of disinformation or cyber-hacking.


Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals Study 2019 


Following were the key performance measurements on which 100 Top Hospitals showed the most significant average outperformance versus non-winning peer group hospitals:

  • Higher Survival Rates
  • Fewer Complications and Infections
  • Shorter Length of Stay
  • Shorter Emergency Department Wait Times
  • Lower Inpatient Expenses
  • Higher Profit Overall Margins
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction



Successful Aging: Lessons from the 90+ Study

SZOFIA S BULLAIN, MD, GERIATRIC NEUROLOGIST Formerly: Assistant Professor of Neurology & Investigator of The 90+ Study, University of California, Irvine Currently: Senior Medical Director, F. Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd.

Lower risk of disability with • Frequent exercise • Keeping in contact with friends and family • Keeping a positive outlook on life • Good mental health. Lower risk of developing dementia after age 90: • Better physical performance • History of hypertension after age 80 Oxygen saturation >93% at rest is associated with lower odds of having dementia after age




Alzheimer’s Disease Under The Sex And Gender Lens: The Gateway To Precision Medicine 

Dr. Antonella Santuccione Chadha, Women’s Brain Project, Presentation at DayOne Expert event on aging

Conclusions and discussion • Include a sex and gender perspective in all dementia and AD awareness campaigns • Develop and implement dementia policies and plans taking into consideration the specificities of women • Promote early diagnosis of dementia to mitigate disease progression and increase quality of life • Ensure dementia research include a sex and gender approach, including more women in clinical trials • Raise awareness and promote sex and gender-sensitive precision medicine in the field of neurology related to dementia • Disaggregate dementia and brain research data by sex to ensure precision medicine application for both women and men



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