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DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare Research Papers & SlideShare Overview for the Week Ending April 07, 2109



NEW SCIENCE - Biopharma’s New Growth Machine
Accenture LifeSciences
New Science is an evolving, unique combination of the best in science and health technology (e.g., genomics, biomarkers, companion technologies, delivery methods, etc.) that is filling an unmet need and raising the standard of care.
The Journal of mHealth Latest Issue: Is it Effective? Understanding Evidence in HealthTech 
The Journal of mHealth
There is a significant amount of work currently being undertaken across the industry to introduce guidance, standards and regulation in the health technology sector and in this issue we include a range of articles that discuss some of the initiatives that are underway. We also discuss how technology offers completely new methods of collecting data along with novel opportunities to measure outcomes and deliver actionable insights.
Health Europa Quarterly Issue 09 
Cannabis goes under the microscope in Health Europa Quarterly issue 09, which includes a special feature on the fast-evolving medical cannabis industry in Europe, as well as dedicated sections on changing legislation and research efforts in Australia, North America and Latin America.
Artificial Intelligence And Its Potential In Oncology
Vaishali Y.Londhe et al, Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management, SVKM’s NMIMS, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400056, India

·       Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way cancers deal with.
·       It is used successfully for prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
·       IBM Watson and CANDLE are developed for successful diagnosis of cancer.
·       CURATE.AI. automatically decides the optimum dose of drugs for a durable response.
·       AI holds potential for a more efficient and effective cancer management.
R-Style Lab: Smart Solutions for Healthcare Providers
R-Style Lab
R-Style Lab is a cross-department software development team with an extensive knowledge of the IoT Healthcare domain. We provide assistance to healthcare organizations and Digital Health startups in creating comprehensive software infrastructures — embedded, web and mobile — for custom healthcare devices: connected insulin pumps, blood testing gadgets, heart rate monitors and medical imaging solutions. Furthermore, we maximize the value of smart healthcare devices by ensuring data interoperability between the components of an IT system, including EHR and hospital management software.
Empowering Digital Lifestyle in Internet of Things
Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO and Co-Founder of FAVORIOT | An IOT Evangelist | Keynote Speaker | IOT Thought Leader
Market Potential Healthcare We estimate 646M IoT devices will be used for healthcare by 2020. Connected healthcare devices can collect data, automate processes, and more.

Jon Cornwall, "What Should Happen to Our Medical Records When We Die?"
The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics
This presentation explored current issues surrounding how to manage the medical records of the dead, integrating evidence from the field of body donation to inform and guide the discussion on the utilisation of posthumous medical information. It also delivered results from a year-long study on posthumous health care data utility that explored the views of the general population on the use of posthumous medical records, which showed a centrally collated and government-governed resource of posthumous health care data was almost universally supported, with varying caveats around how such a resource should be utilized.
AutoML and Interpretability in Healthcare Strata
Sabrina Dahlgren Managing Director Health Care Delivery and Innovation Kaiser Permanente, Taposh Dutta Roy Manager, Innovation and Data Science, Kaiser Permanente – San Francisco | March 26th 2019
Agenda  About Kaiser Permanente  Machine Learning  AutoML & Interpretability  Business Cases for Auto-ML & Interpretability
Overview of Methods for Subgroup Identification in Clinical Trials
SAMSI Ilya Lipkovich (Eli Lilly)
- Advances in Precision and Personalized Medicine March 14-15, 2019
Predictive versus prognostic biomarkers. The task of personalized medicine can be translated in statistical language as constructing predictive biomarker signature(s) that would allow identifying patients with differential treatment response X is prognostic but not predictive X is prognostic and predictive X is predictive but not prognostic X is neither prognostic nor predictive. Taxonomy of data mining methods for subgroup identification • Global outcome modeling • Global treatment effect modeling • Modeling of Individual treatment regimes/rules • Local treatment effect modeling (subgroup search)
Leveraging Technology to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Employee Engagement
Health Catalyst
To meet this challenge and improve patient satisfaction, health system leaders are taking advantage of technology, such as rounding software, that supports effective communication and drives the type of culture change that boosts both caregiver and patient satisfaction and encourages engagement. Embedding rounding technology into current processes makes rounding better and easier. The correlation between effective, efficient rounding and high patient satisfaction scores is clear. Rounding can and does increase engagement and satisfaction, which in turn leads to higher reimbursement potential. Learn how health system leaders can move from talking about rounding technology to incorporating it into daily workflow.
How to Run Your Healthcare Analytics Operation Like a Business
Health Catalyst
This article walks through how to run an analytics operation like a business using the following five-question framework:
·       Who does the analytics team serve and what are those customers trying to do?
·       What services does the analytics team provide to help customers accomplish their goals?
·       How does the analytics team know they’re doing a great job and how do they communicate that effectively to the leadership team?
·       What is the most efficient way to provide analytics services?
·       What is the most effective way to organize?
Pairing HIE Data with an Analytics Platform: Four Key Improvement Categories
Health Catalyst
Population health and value-based payment demand data from multiple sources and multiple organizations. Health systems must access information from across the continuum of care to accurately understand their patients’ healthcare needs beyond the acute-care setting (e.g., reports and results from primary care and specialists). While health system EHRs have a wealth of big-picture data about healthcare delivery (e.g., patient satisfaction, cost, and outcomes), HIEs add the clinical data (e.g., records and transactions) to round out the bigger picture of patient care, as well as the data sharing capabilities needed to disseminate the information. By pairing HIE capability with an advanced analytics platform, a health system can leverage data to improve processes in four important outcomes improvement areas:
·       Workflow
·       Machine learning
·       Professional services
·       Data governance

Frost_SullivanRespiri Award Write Up
Frost & Sullivan
Respiri has addressed the vital industry gap for effective asthma home monitoring by developing an electronic asthma diary that objectively tracks real-time wheeze rates. The company offers the following five products that have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and carry the EU’s Conformité Européene (CE) mark. Four out of the five products have the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance.

15 Ways of AI that Boosting Healthcare App Development
Emorphis Technologies
AI is transforming the healthcare industry in a unique way. If you need healthcare app development with AI then hire Emorphis Technologies. We offer a wide range of development services across the globe with our proficient expert’s team to transform your vision into reality
Social Media for Doctors: Grand Rounds at Columbia March 2019
Social media and online strategy is important for doctors who want to help patients, make the most of their careers, and protect their reputations. Physicians and other healthcare leaders can safely and effectively engage online within social media and other digital platforms.
Pharma Masterclass: The Digital Health opportunity at Big Pharma
Presentation to DayOne accelerator on the opportunity and challenges of working with Big Pharma by Frank Kumli, and DayOne
Examples of Digital disruption is occurring across the value chain 3 3 Research ► Virtual trials / centralized monitoring ► Enrolment prediction; Recruitment platforms ► Real-world data collection and analysis ► Digital biomarkers ► Robotic Process Optimization Manufacturing ► Automation ► Preventive maintenance ► Simulation ► Continuous manufacturing ► 3D printing ► Gene and personalized drugs manufacturing Supply Chain ► Digital supply chain management ► Inventory and asset management enabled by connected software ► Autonomous mobile robot enabled supply management ► Medical supply tracking M&S Access
PharmaTimes – April 2019 Online Issue

How To Fund Your New Health Technology Development Idea
Darrell Williams, Principal and CEO Eighteen Ventures
To help entrepreneurs and startups initiate the development of health technologies, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs offers seeding funding. This presentation details how these programs work, the funding phases, the proposal development process and the importance of a business plan and a business model to prepare a NSF and a NIH SBIR Phase I grant application.

Cardiac Surgery
Johny Wilbert, Teacher at Apollo Institute Of Hospital Management & Allied Sciences (A Unit Of Apollo Hospitals Educational Trust) (Inst. Code - 371), Chennai

The term CARDIOTHORACIC means "pertaining to the heart and chest." The term comes from the Greek word "kardiakos" which means pertaining to the heart, and "thorac" which is Latin for chest. In general terms, the term refers to the chest.  While the term does refer to the chest as a whole, in medicine it is most often used in the context of surgery.
DEFINITION:  CARDIAC SURGERY, also called HEART SURGERY, involves surgical operations performed on the heart under to correct life- threatening conditions.  The surgery can be either;  OPEN HEART SURGERY  CLOSED HEART SURGERY or  MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY depending on the conditions to be corrected.

Startups Engaging with US Payers
Ben Echeaz, Business Development Director, Highmark Health
Includes overview of the US Payerand health insurance sector, Relationship to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Challenges in addressing needs and gaps through Big Data technology, How Payers de-risk their reimbursement and coverage decisions with early stage startups, the role of Big Data in informing the movement toward value-based healthcare, Enterprise focus areas across 7 major applications: Diagnostic, Preventative, Precision Medicine, Adverse medication events, Cost reduction, Medical research Population health, etc. Highmark's VITAL has projects in the top 5 areas, these area are not mutually exclusive.
Four Steps to Effective Opportunity Analysis
Health Catalyst
Opportunity analysis uses data to identify potential improvement initiatives and quantifies the value of these initiatives—both in terms of patient care benefits and financial impact. This process is an effective way to find unwarranted and costly clinical variation and, in turn, develop strategies to reduce it, improving outcomes and saving costs along the way. Standardizing the opportunity analysis process makes it repeatable and prioritizes actionable opportunities.
Quarterly opportunity analysis should follow four steps:
·       Kicking off the analysis by getting analysts together to do preliminary analysis and brainstorm.
·       Engaging with clinicians to identify opportunities and, in the process, get clinician buy in.
·       Digging deeper into the suggested opportunities to prioritize those that offer the greatest benefits.
·       Presenting findings to the decision makers.
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