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DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare Research Papers & SlideShare Overview – February 11, 2018

DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Weekly Healthcare Research Papers & SlideShare Overview - the Week Ending February 11, 2018


When Artificialintelligence Meets Human Stupidity 
Col Mukteshwar Prasad, Managing Director at Shivnandani Industries Private 
There is a rough agreement among many AI experts that the technological singularity (the moment when machine intelligence supersedes human intelligence, and life as we know it changes un recognisably )- will take place soon after 2030.

Basics of Human Biomaterials, Implantable Medical Devices And Biomedical Science 
Dr. Md Nazrul Islam. MBBS, Supervised By-Associate Prof. ZiaulHaq -MBBS, MS (Orthopedic). 
A biomaterial is any material (other than drug), natural or synthetic, that is used to make bio-implant, bio- medical device that treats, augments, or replaces any tissue, organ and/or any body function. Bio-Implant Any substance other than the drug made of Biomaterial-s that can be used for any period of time as part of a system that treats augments or replaces any tissues, organ, or functions of the body, And- It is usually intended to remain there for a significant period of time.

TEQMINE: Digitalization and Diabetes: Emerging Technology Trends 
TEQMINE has analyzed the emerging trends of digitalization in diabetes for the Business Finland. Based on global patent data and TEQMINE developed Artificial Intelligence solution to analyze patent data, results are summarized here for the Helsinki Health Tuesday meeting on 6th February 2018.
Health Information System Performance Monitoring Tool 
Why the HISPMT? Purpose To guide HIS managers in a systematic review across the main HIS data sources that generate data needed to monitor the health system. Results are intended to inform stakeholders about which data sources bear the highest demand for generating data, and the performance of each data source. The tool provides evidence needed for decision makers to prioritize HIS-strengthening interventions.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Services 
Dr. Rasha Salama PhD Public Health Faculty of Medicine Suez Canal University-Egypt
• Monitoring progress and evaluating results are key functions to improve the performance of those responsible for implementing health services. • M&E show whether a service/program is accomplishing its goals. It identifies program weaknesses and strengths, areas of the program that need revision, and areas of the program that meet or exceed expectations. • To do this, analysis of any or all of a program’s domains is required 

Setting Up a Hospital in India. Investment Opportunity in Healthcare Industry. Start a Hospital in India 
Hospitals constitute ~70% of Indian healthcare market with increasingly dominant role of private sector. Private players have established a dominating presence in specialty health care. The market size of private hospitals is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.2 % to reach ~U.S. $ 120 billion by 2020 from its current size of ~U.S. $ 50 billion.

The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications 2018 by Owen Health  
A pharma marketer’s overview of the key elements of healthcare communications, covering brand planning, customer experience and multi-channel marketing. Brought to you by Owen Health, a healthcare communications agency like no other.

Cardio Vascular Health Challenges In Presenting Century 
Heart failure in the 21st century: a Cardiogeriatric syndrome. Chronic heart failure (CHF) is principally a cardiogeriatric syndrome, and it has become a major public health problem in the 21st century due largely to the aging population. Age-related changes throughout the cardiovascular system in combination with the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases at older age predispose older adults to the development of CHF. Features that distinguish CHF at advanced age from CHF occurring during middle age include an increasing proportion of women, a shift from coronary heart disease to hypertension as the most common etiology, and the high percentage of cases that occur in the setting of preserved left ventricular systolic function.

AI overview 
An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Overview of the technology, applications, components, strong v/s weak AI, different categories of AI, related examples, expert systems, NLP etc.

Microsoft AI On Healthcare 
Microsoft AI and cases sharing

Health Analytics February 2018 Analytics in Action 
• Why do healthcare establishments need to develop in-house data science expertise, or become increasingly reliant on external consultants and software editors. • How do the authors explain the lack of specialists in this field? • How do they support their contention that the industry's senior leadership would rather rely on their own instincts rather the data? • What is the nature of the build vs buy dilemma?

Digital health technology and diabetes management 
Avivit Cahn, Amit Akirov, Itamar Raz
DOI: 10.1111/1753-0407.12606
The digital diabetes clinic aims to incorporate all digital patient data and provide individually tailored virtual or face-to-face visits to those persons who need them most. Digital diabetes care has demonstrated only modest HbA1c reduction in multiple studies and borderline cost-effectiveness, although patient satisfaction appears to be increased.

The Evolving Frontier of Digital Health: Opportunities for Pharmacists on the  Horizon 
Allison Martin, Philip Brummond, Tara Vlasimsky, Aaron Steffenhagen, James Langley, Jason Glowczewski, Anthony Boyd, Melanie Engels, Staci Hermann, Angela Skaff
DOI: 10.1177/0018578717738221
The incorporation of mHealth and wearable technology into telehealth strategies will allow pharmacists to remain the most accessible health care provider, while having a positive impact on medication use. Based on the current state of digital health solutions and the opportunity for pharmacists to play a vital role, the authors challenge pharmacists to
  • Become familiar with medication-related applications (mHealth) and other technologies to help patients, in addition to providers, effectively select, use, and troubleshoot digital health services;
  • Engage with patients and providers to deliver care outside the traditional office visit;

The impact of digital health technologies on tuberculosis treatment: a systematic review 
Brian Kermu Ngwatu, Ntwali Placide Nsengiyumva, Olivia Oxlade, Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer, Nhat Linh Nguyen, Ernesto Jaramillo, Dennis Falzon, Kevin Schwartzman - European Respiratory Journal 2018 51: 1701596; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.01596-2017
We searched several bibliographical databases for studies reporting the effect of digital interventions, including short message service (SMS), video-observed therapy (VOT) and medication monitors (MMs), to support treatment for active TB. Only studies with a control group and which reported effect estimates were included.

Dynamic Clinical Algorithms: Digital Technology Can Transform Health Care Decision-Making 
David Bell, Noni Gachuhi, Nassim Assefi, The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Volume 98, Issue 1, Jan 2018, p. 9 - 14
A comprehensive approach is needed to more effectively incorporate current digital technologies into health systems, bringing external and patient-derived data into the clinical decision-making process in real time, irrespective of health worker training or location. Such dynamic clinical algorithms could provide a more effective framework within which to design and integrate new digital health technologies and deliver improved patient care by primary care health workers.


Vitruvian Shield - Biometric Swiss Made Watch 


The Paradoxes of Telehealth: a Review of the Literature 2000–2015 
Craig Standing, Susan Standing, Marie-Louise McDermott, Raj Gururajan, Reza Kiani Mavi
DOI: 10.1002/sres.2442
In this paper, we explore the research on telehealth as an innovation over a 16-year period since 2000 and the implications this has for the further diffusion, scale and sustainability of telehealth, both as a concept and as a set of practices. The primary driver of the review is to examine the literature to identify insights that can be used to improve telehealth practice and research in the future

Coming to Terms with Knowledge Management in Telehealth 
Craig Standing, Susan Standing, Raj Gururajan, Richard Fulford, Denise Gengatharen
DOI: 10.1002/sres.2443
We report on the findings from interviews with telehealth professionals of their experiences and insights on managing knowledge. The major finding is that telehealth projects are functional in nature, focusing on patient diagnosis or training but rarely consider improving knowledge acquisition and sharing.


Neurotechnology Helping with Stroke Therapy by Neurogress 
Neurogress, an innovator in neurotechnology is developing software which utilizes artificial intelligence to read the brain’s signals and translate these signals to a device, such as an exoskeleton which might be used for stroke treatment.

The Exciting Future of Brain Wearables and You We are on the glowing, LED-illuminated edge of what publicity minded futurists have dubbed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” growing out of the integration of the physical, digital and biological realms.” Wearable technology is a big part of that revolution - find out how.

How Will Neurotechnology Impact Sports in the 22nd Century? Neurotechnology is likely to have a profound impact on sport. Here are some predictions for the next five, twenty and one hundred years.

The Language Of Medicine Chapter 7 Urinary System 

Davi-Ellen Chabner
Handbook Medical Conversation English Chinese 


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