MedGizmo - DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Selection of Major Digital Health News for January 23, 2018
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DigiHealthBrief: MedGizmo Selection of Major Digital Health News for January 23, 2018

With this post we start a new regular feature – daily presentation of our selection of news and developments in Digital Heal Technologies and Wearables. Here is our selection for January 23, 2018

Selection for our Instagram Feed

Footbeat wearable device
to improve performance by increasing circulation. Recover faster and train harder. Powerful engine inside insole provides precise, cyclic compression to the arch of the foot - which speeds recovery, removes metabolic waste such as lactate, assists in proper healing through increased circulation.

Scosche RHYTHM 24 Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor
- offers wide range of data capturing, including heart rate variability (HRV) mode, heart rate profiles for a variety of activities, including swimming, running, and cycling. 24-hour battery life, IP68 sweatproof/waterproof rating, five changeable training/use zones/modes, 2 multi-modes (designed for biathletes/triathletes training/activities), an LED battery indicator and on-board data recording.

Selected News Developments

Digital Health Funding Soars To $7.2bn In 2017, Mercom Capital Reveals 
A new report by Mercom Capital Group has revealed how Digital Health venture capital funding (including private equity and corporate venture capital) in 2017 smashed previous records, reaching $7.2 billion in over 770 deals. It surpasses 2016 figures, which reached $5.1 billion in 622 deals respectively.
This 42% increase follows on from the total corporate funding for Health IT companies, which rose to over $8 billion last year, a 47% increase from 2016’s figures.

Meet Forward: The Apple Store Of Doctors’ Offices
Founded by former employees of Google and Uber, Forward is a concierge medical service that soups up the annual exam with artificial intelligence and a sleek Silicon Valley veneer. Its first office opened last year, in San Francisco; more are planned for 2018. Like a gym or Netflix, or competing primary-care providers like One Medical, Forward charges a flat monthly fee of a hundred and forty-nine dollars, no matter the medical history of its “members”

Instantly Access All Your Medical & Healthcare Info With This New App  
Westmed Medical Group is leading the way with their new mobile app, Universe mHealth Platform, and their online Patient Portal 2.0. The browser-based Bridge Patient Portal 2.0 and the mobile Universe mHealth Platform app are designed to give patients constant access to their health information. “Patients can log in to book appointments, pay bills, message their providers, view medical records, refill prescriptions — and much more — all within a single, user-friendly platform,” explains John Deutsch, Bridge Patient Portal’s CEO and founder.

Digital Eyewear, 3D Holograms Challenge Hidebound Med Schools  
The British colorectal surgeon used Snap Inc’s high-tech spectacles a year ago to walk rookie physicians and millions of curious viewers through a hernia operation using the Snapchat photo-sharing app. In 2018, he plans to beam his avatar into operating rooms with so-called immersive technology, which spans everything from military training to adult entertainment, and promises to support the next generation of doctors with real-time supervision and tutelage.

7 Top Virtual Reality Exercise Apps to Get You in Shape This Year 
Virtual reality can do more than just transport you to another dimension — it can inspire and motivate you to get moving with fitness-based apps that will whip you into shape. Many of us have resolved to make 2018 the year we take better care of our bodies, so here are seven ways to use VR apps to get you excited to work out and firm up.

AI Is Analyzing Faces to Aid Rare Disease Diagnosis
Technique using computer-aided facial analysis could lend a hand in diagnosing at least 1 rare disease. A group of researchers at the University Hospital Bonn and the Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, Germany, used artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis to identify patients with GPI anchor deficiencies and presented their findings in a paper published this month in the journal Genome Medicine. Using data on genetic material of cells, surface texture, and typical facial features, researchers employed artificial intelligence methods to simulate disease models of Mabry syndrome, a condition featuring intellectual disability. The technology could serve for diagnosis in other diseases as well, researchers said.

The 7 Cs of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Chang got his degree, and the chief intelligence and innovation officer of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County has emerged as a leading voice on AI in healthcare. Today, he gave the keynote speech at the AI in Healthcare Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, from the unique perspective of a man who is both data scientist and clinician. To Chang, there are 7 important words that the healthcare industry must keep in mind to make AI work for it. All begin with the letter C.

Health Information Technology: A Longer ROI for Higher ROI? by Dr.Ujjwal Rao 
ROI can mean different things to different people. To nurses and infection control teams, ROI means ‘Risk of Infection’. To most of us burdened by home loans, car loans and education loans, ROI means 'Rate of Interest’. To the CEO who makes gut-wrenching investments and wants to make money back, ROI means ‘Return on Investment’. As for me, the emergency physician in me wants to take ROI at its face value, but the clinical informaticist in me thinks of ROI as the ‘Radius of Information’.

5 Top VirtualReality Accessories
If you're a virtual reality enthusiast, you are likely up for a new gadget or gizmo to take the experience up a notch. Virtual reality is not only a visual experience — but can also be physical through haptic feedback — or sensations you can feel as you play and move in a virtual world. Fun is always better when there is more to see, feel, and do — and these five VR accessories are designed to enhance the time you're in VR, making them more immersive.

New Neurostim Wearables Prevent and Mitigate Migraines 
The FDA recently approved two more Cefaly neurostim devices based on the same general principles: Cefaly Acute and Cefaly Dual. The company renamed the original device Cefaly Prevent. The FDA approved Cefaly Acute for use stopping a migraine that has already started. Cefaly Dual includes both of the e-TNS modes: prophylactic and treatment.

Lithuanian Technology Reduces Hand Tremor, May Be Useful for Parkinsons 
ViLim Ball, developed by Fidens, is an advanced version of a vibro trainer. Venslauskas said he knows of only one similar technology to alleviate hand tremor, which is currently available in the U.S. The ViLim Ball technology may also improve hand stiffness in the morning, a typical manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis.
In addition to ViLim Ball, the researchers at KTU’s Biomechanics Laboratory have also been working on a technology to improve circulation in body extremities, which is relevant for rheumatoid arthritis patients. This work has been done in collaboration with scientists at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).

Feedback Enhances Brainwave Control Of A Novel Hand Exoskeleton   
An extremely lightweight and portable hand exoskeleton may one day help the physically impaired with daily living. These are the hopes of EPFL scientist Luca Randazzo who is developing the exoskeleton with the Defitech Chair in Brain-Machine Interface led by José Millán. The results are published in the January edition of IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

Digital Health Accelerator Names Finalists
Digital health accelerator, Digital Health Cape Town (DHCT), has announced it top finalists for its inaugural accelerator programme designed to foster local eHealth innovation. The company says the selected finalists have each developed innovative e-health solutions that address real-world problems. There has been an influx of new, early-stage, innovative digital health companies coming out of SA, it adds. DHCT's new accelerator programme aims to assist companies to navigate continuously changing landscapes and grow into sustainable businesses, notes DHCT.

MSD Innovation Factory Selects 3 Companies to co-Create Digital Health Solutions 
The 3 winning solvers ready to co-create with MSD:
  • Blendarsys and MSD Turkey Innovation Team to launch a digital solution for anesthesiologists. 
  • Symptoma and MSD Gulf Innovation Team will work on a digital solution for healthcare professionals - how to support HCPs to better prescribe antibiotics to their patient. 
  • Grupo Pulso and MSD South Africa Innovation Team to help parents how to manage the vaccination of their children. 
Irish Researchers To Develop Wearable Device For Dementia Patients Who Wander 

The Carelink team is aiming to design an innovative, wearable device for dementia patients at various stages of the disease. The device will be suitable for their needs as well as the needs of their carer. The team also wants to develop a wireless sensor suite so that it can provide proximity and location information for the wearer that is low cost, robust and energy efficient. The TSSG team will then develop a platform to enable carers to monitor the proximity and location of patients and interact with the system remotely.

How Experts’ Use of Medical Technical Jargon in Different Types of Online #Health Forums Affects Perceived Information Credibility 
To provide health information online that is perceived as credible, experts should consider using similar language as the language used by the addressed audience. As it is often impossible to determine the exact makeup of an online audience, further research might investigate whether having experts explicitly declare which audience they intend to address can help people to more reliably assess an expert’s trustworthiness. Furthermore, as people assess information differently depending on the context of online communication, it would be valuable for research to consider other aspects of the context beyond those of the audience.

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