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  • 18.05.2016, 13:48
  • MedGizmo Sports Wearables Overview – Golf. May 2016 - In this series of posts we will provide updates on certain sports wearables that were discussed in news media in April and May this year. We start w...

  • 15.05.2016, 12:06
  • MedGizmo: Wearables - Communications & Security Overview - Wearables generate a huge amount of data, which is being transmitted and managed. HOW is it done? What are the major problems? In our post we will p...

  • 10.05.2016, 09:48
  • MedGizmo: 3D Printing & Healthcare Update - In the last couple of years, significant technological developments in the field of 3D printing opened new horizons for its implementation in indust...

  • 08.05.2016, 17:22
  • MedGizmo: VR & AR in Healthcare Overview - Recent boom in Virtual/Augmented Reality that was sparked by introduction to the market of new headsets, showed an intense interest in this industry...

  • 08.05.2016, 10:23
  • MedGizmo Brain Wearables & Apps Update May 2016 - MedGizmo produced a number of overviews on wearable technology applied to brain and mental health. However, every day we witness more and more gadgets...

  • 04.05.2016, 16:40
  • MedGizmo May 2016 Update on Sport Wearables & Apps - In this post we provide links and brief information on sports wearables and applications that attracted our attention in recent month.


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