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Accomplishments of Medical Treatment By Dynamic Magnetotherapeutic Device

While attending recent Healthcare 2017 Show in Moscow, Russia, I had a good luck of visiting the booth of Kasimovsky Instrument Plant. The plant presented proprietary "Multimag" Software/Hardware Low-Frequency Modulated Fields System – that provides uniform, variable or traveling low-intensity dynamic magnetotherapeutic fields. Designed for implementation of a new therapeutic technology by means of impact of low-intensity dynamic magnetic fields of complex structure on patient’s body as well as on its separate parts. It’s been a while since the system is designed, and now it is widely used in Russia and certain European countries for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other pathologies that are the result of blood microcirculation disturbances. More than 100,000 patients were treated. The system also proved to be effective for athletes’ rehabilitation.
During my discussion with Dr. Vladimir Kryakov, one of the designers and inventors of the system, I learned that this is indeed a specific magnetotherapy device – during the session it may change magnetic field intensity, magnetic induction vector direction and impulse action time individual variation. In fact, it is pre-calculated before the session – based on the patient’s diagnosis. It is quite different from any other magnetic coils devices that are present in the market. I was impressed with the software and user-interface that provides a good biofeedback. 

System functional capabilities allow to:
– create dynamically variable magnetotherapy environment of complex structure around the patient;
– specify individual dynamics and forms of magnetic field for specific patient;
– precisely dose biotropic parameters of magnetic fields considering the patient’s physiological parameters;
– synchronize dynamic and form of magnetic field with the main patient’s biorhythms;
– register and analyze parameters of the patient’s cardiovascular activity;
– provide independent multichannel control of magnetic field by inductor groups with magnetic field intensity, magnetic induction vector direction and impulse action time individual variation;
– create an extensive base of medical methods for curative magnetotherapy action and promptly select an optimal treatment method for each patient;
– organize magnetic and musical effect;
– provide two and three-dimensional visualisation of magnetic field (curative method) in real time;
– program intended effects by means of a userfriendly interface.
High functionality of the system permits to recommend it to doctors of different medical professions for treatment of an extensive sweep of diseases as well as for
creation of new advanced curative methods.

System Specifications
  • Magnetic fields types: constant, variable, pulsed, traveling, complex modulated.
  • Automatic anthropometric electromagnetic bed: (WхDхH) mm, no more than 2004х1226х950.
  • Power Supply voltage (230 ± 23)V, 50 Hz.
  • Consumed power no more than 1 kW.
  • Magnetic induction maximum value 3 mTl.
  • Number of control channels 8.
  • Range of magnetic field frequency setting from 0,3 to 100 Hz.
  • Possibility to vary magnetic induction vector.
  • Weight of the system no more than 160 kg.
  • Certificate of Conformance EC № СQ063122-V

Thare are proven reported accomplishments for treatement of  
  • diabetic angioneuropathies
  • discircular encephalopathy
  • distinct reduction of arterial tension
  • occlusive diseases of lower limbs arteries

MedGizmo is planning to piblish selected reports on this. Meanwhile, you may find a report on treatment of bronchial asthma

The results of the executed study provide strong evidence that the application of dynamic low-intensity complex structure MF generated by “Multimag”  hardware-
software device for treatment of bronchial asthma optimizes the body integrative systems condition and converts them into a more energy saving and secure
functional mode. These changes are more remarkable in patients with acute stage of the disease; besides, MF diminishes side effects risk of hormonal therapy in this kind of patients.
16.12.2017, 16:13   MedGizmo
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