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  • 13.01.2017, 10:44
  • MedGizmo: Focus on PEMF Treatment of Diabetes-related Complicatio... - The purpose of this first post is to provide information on the research that was done on PEMF technology applications for treatment of diabetes; we a...

  • 02.01.2017, 19:56
  • MedGizmo Web store is coming soon - MedGizmo Web store is coming soon

  • 06.09.2016, 15:41
  • MedGizmo: Virtual & Augmented Reality in Medicine - September 20... - Notable developments in Virtual & Augmented Reality in Medicine that happened over the last four months.

  • 30.08.2016, 08:31
  • MedGizmo: Wearables in Internet of Healthcare Things - What MedGizmo Info? The essence of it: one point of information, where you may find the right medical and healthcare gadget for you – to suit...

  • 05.08.2016, 17:27
  • MedGizmo Update: Wearable Technology for Visually Impaired – Augu... - In February this year, we provided MedGizmo: Wearable Assistive Devices for Visually Impaired – Update. In this post, we are ...

  • 23.07.2016, 16:54
  • MedGizmo Brain Wearables & Apps Update July 2016 - We continue our regular updates on latest news and developments of wearables and technology. Here is our review of May-July 2016 for Brain Wea...


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