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  • 30.06.2015, 13:34
  • Health-tech in Southeast Asia: Emerging trends and enduring reali... - Wearables, telemedicine, remote care and more — global health-tech predictions and how they might play out in Southeast Asia

  • 30.06.2015, 13:20
  • The Internet Of Things (IoT) Has Arrived - What You Should Know - This next decade beckons many new technological discoveries and applications. This includes genetic engineering and regeneration of body parts, new ...

  • 29.06.2015, 17:29
  • Wrist-mounted wearables prove hot with consumers as smart glasses... - In the online survey of 4,556 US and 11,647 EU adults, wrist-bound devices proved to be the most anticipated wearable products for consumers. A tota...

  • 29.06.2015, 17:01
  • Wearable devices with health IT functions poised to disrupt medic... - With Google, Apple and Samsung exploring how to incorporate health IT features into wearable devices, patients may soon provide information to docto...

  • 24.06.2015, 08:51
  • Medical Wearables: Future or Fairy Tale? - Latest medtech innovations are shaping our future and will change the way in which everyday healthcare is delivered to us. The freedom of self-monit...

  • 23.06.2015, 15:10
  • Defining digital medicine: from - Beyond the hype of the ‘mobile health’ and ‘wearable technology’ movement, the ability to monitor our bodies and continuously...


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