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  • 08.07.2015, 09:26
  • Connected health: regulatory issues - European view - The concept of Connected Health covers a variety of forms, from mobile phone apps that provide direct medical support or connect to other medical de...

  • 08.07.2015, 08:34
  • How ingestible sensors and smart pills will revolutionize healthc... - According to the report “Smart Pills Technologies Market (2012-2017),” the global smart pills market is expected to reach $965 million by...

  • 07.07.2015, 09:02
  • Medical Applications of Wireless Networks - In this survey paper we discuss advantages of wireless medical devices and challenges involved in this technology. We focus on Wireless Personal Are...

  • 07.07.2015, 08:53
  • Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market Segment... - The evolution of healthcare industry from traditional paper-record keeping to electronic records has increased the need of wireless communications /...

  • 06.07.2015, 14:51
  • Post IPO: What’s Next for Fitbit & The Future of Wearables in Hea... - IPO was a great day for Fitbit, but what does its initial success say about the long-term viability of the wearables market and its future prevalenc...

  • 30.06.2015, 13:52
  • Southeast Asia's Health App Explosion - Many more eHealth apps are being deployed in Southeast Asia, including in areas like biotech, hospital information systems, and medical education.


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