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  • 19.07.2015, 15:32
  • Best golf wearables: GPS watches and swing analysers - Wearables and golfers have long been bedfellows, and for those desperate to shave a few digits off their handicap can really find benefits with tech...

  • 19.07.2015, 09:16
  • What to look for in a medical alert system - Choose the right medical alert system. Most buyers purchase a system for an aging parent who lives alone so that they can get help quickly if needed....

  • 18.07.2015, 15:58
  • Overcoming the National Knowledge Gap: Diabetes and Technology - New technology is being used to help transform chronic disease management. Similarly to how people have used FitBit to monitor their fitness, mobile...

  • 18.07.2015, 08:22
  • Evolvement of Wearable Tech over the Years - History of Wearable Tech

  • 12.07.2015, 17:14
  • Wearable Medical Devices Market to be Worth US$5.8 Billion by 201... - Transparency Market Research states that the global wearable medical devices market was worth US$2 billion in 2012, and is estimated to be worth US$...

  • 09.07.2015, 08:23
  • Bluetooth Medical Devices: Moving from Passive to Connected Healt... - We have underwear that monitors vital signs, body bands that record blood flow, bandana that can record epileptic activities and many other health r...


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