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  • 17.08.2015, 19:49
  • Smart textiles presentation - This SlideShare presentation tells about smart textile and shows some of the examples of use

  • 14.08.2015, 14:58
  • Criteria to evaluate IoT Smart Gadgets - Objective criteria to evaluate smart devices for "Smart Aging"

  • 03.08.2015, 14:32
  • The History Of Wearable Technology – Past, Present And Future - There is a clear distinction between wearables and wearable technology. Sadly, even the so called “experts and gurus” in wearable technol...

  • 27.07.2015, 09:12
  • July 2015 MedGizmo’s Latest Updates on Cycling: News, Gadgets & A... - A summary of information on cycling posted on website in July 2015

  • 25.07.2015, 19:09
  • Crowdfunding Basics & Stats -

  • 25.07.2015, 08:46
  • Indiegogo Vs. Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Wars - When it comes down to Internet crowdfunding, there are two major platforms that are making a case for it – Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These ar...


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