MedGizmo - The best pet wearables: Trackers and GPS collars for dogs, cats and more
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The best pet wearables: Trackers and GPS collars for dogs, cats and more

February 18, 2015 By Libby Plummer @libbyplummer

Wearable tech isn't just for people – now you can get your pets synced up with the latest gadgets. Obviously we're not talking about a pug in Google Glass or a cat with an Apple Watch – that would be ridiculous. We're talking the best pet GPS trackers to smart dog collars on the market.

There are an increasing number of companies that are crafting wearable gadgets just for animals, whether that's to monitor their health or keep track of them via GPS when they're on the prowl.
So we've rounded up some of the best pet wearables complete with handsome four-legged models to show them off.

GoPro Fetch

This dog harness from action cam kings GoPro can be used to capture the world from your pooch's point of view. The camera (sold separately) can be attached to the chest for videoing “bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action"or on the back for overhead shots of running and jumping. A rugged build means that it'll withstand your dog gambolling around in water and mud and it's also washable.

£48.99 / $59.99,


This adorable bone-shaped tracker for your dog enables you to “seamlessly track her every move". What does that actually mean? Well, you'll be able to see if your doggie is at a similar level of activity and fitness as other dogs and you'll get indicators of anything being wrong, such as a lack of sleep. What's more, if you have to take your four-legged pal to the vet, you'll have all the data right there to hand over. You'll get updates on your phone and if you're especially tedious when it comes to your pets, you can share them on Facebook on Twitter.


Designed by the man behind the iconic Fitbit Flex, this nifty collar-mounted GPS tracker syncs with your smartphone to alert you to any changes in activity levels so if Rex goes walkabout, you'll know exactly where to find him. It also means that you can keep an eye on his activity if he's in doggie daycare or staying with friends while you're on your hols. According to its maker, this is the smallest GPS pet tracker around. There's a monthly $5 fee for the location services but we reckon it's worth it for piece of mind. It's also worth noting that Whistle just bought out Tagg.

$129 (plus $5 monthly service fee),

Supplied in packs of two, this stick-on device is about the size of a 10p piece and can be used with basically anything you don't want to lose, like luggage or gadgets and you can also use it to keep track of your furry friends. The Virtual Leash function will alert you if your pet goes beyond a set boundary and you can use the free Radar app to track down missing items (or animals). Works with iDevices and selected Android phones.

£44.95 / $49.99,

Available in different sizes up to a 32-inch neck, this waterproof smart collar is designed to keep you connected with your dog. Along with activity tracking, the gadget will monitor heart and respiratory rate as well as rest patterns and calories burnt. As Voyce becomes familiar with your dog's stats, it'll start to offer tips tailored to its specific needs. You also set goals, such as extra activity to burn off those extra pooch pounds. He'll thank you for it in the end.

$299 (plus $9.95 per month),

Silent herdsman
Wearable tech isn't all about cats and dogs – Silent Herdsman lets cows get in on the act as well. Described by the makers as “simply udderly clever", this smart collar can be used to monitor the animals'behaviour and automatically alert you to any changes over Wi-Fi to your PC. If you need to keep an eye on your cow's fertility and milk yield then this is the fellow for you.

£on request,

No More Woof
Want your dog to be able to 'speak'to you via a special collar like Doug in Disney film Up? Of course you do. Still at Prototype stage, No More Woof combines “EEG-sensoring, Micro Computing and special BCI software reader"to work out what man's best friend is thinking using an onboard Raspberry PI computer. You'll receive smartphone updates to tell you how your dog is feeling and the eventual goal is that the collar will speak this information to you in sentences – and you get to pick from a selection of voices.

Pre-order from $65,

Trackimo Universal

Measuring just 45mm x 18mm x 40mm, this tiny, lightweight device includes accessories that enable you to attach it to different objects including backpacks, belts and luggage, so it's small enough to plonk on your pet's collar and is even tiny enough for a Chihuahua, says Trackimo. What's more, if your pooch likes getting wet and muddy, you'll be pleased to know that accessories for waterproofing are also included.


TrackR Bravo
Crowdfunded on Indigogo, the latest from TrackR is a coin-sized device with a one-year battery life. A waterproof attachment fits it to your pet's collar. You can pinpoint the location of your furry friend, which will pop up on the dedicated app when it comes into range of another TrackR user, while a 'separation alert' will notify you if Fido strays too far. A slick anodized aluminium build means that the tracker looks a little more chic than many others on the market. Bravo, TrackR.


Tractive Motion
While many pet wearables are focused on tracking, the new Tractive Motion is a fitness tracker for portly pets that need to shed a few ounces. Not only will it record your fuzzy pal's steps, it will let you set daily fitness goals using 'Pet Points' and provide simple health stats via the app. You can also check progress on the integrated high-res display. The device includes a silicone clip for attaching to any collar.

£54 / $100,

Motorola Scout5000

Modelled at CES 2015 by a real-life doggie model, to the delight of attending journalists, the Binatone-made Motorola Scout5000 is one of the most advanced pet wearables yet. It takes the form of a smart collar that sports a cellular connection that syncs to the owner's smartphone. As well as packing on-board Wi-Fi and 3G, the device features a pedometer, 720p camera and a microphone and speaker so that you can hear what your pooch is up to and talk back. The price includes a year's worth of 3G and a smaller version called the Scout 2500, which drops the camera, will also be launched later in the year.

£130 / $199,

Tagg GPS Plus

Tagg has updated its tracker, adding several new features including a temperature risk sensor which can, for example, warn you if your pup is sitting in a hot car.The new model also adds a smaller Tagg Zone for more precise GPS monitoring and a TrackLock collar attachment for added durability. The GPS Plus will also give you details on your furry chum's level of activity for the day.

$99.95 (plus $9.95 a month),

Wonder Woof

We almost don't care what this wearable does - we're already completely sold by the fact that it looks like a little bow tie that attaches to your dog's collar. The Bluetooth-connected device tracks your dog to give you real-time updates on their activities. Data is analysed according to your mutt's size, breed and age so that you can keep track of their sleeping and activity patterns. More importantly, it's available in six different colours so that you can pick one to suit your pooch's coat.

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