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Crowdfunding Basics & Stats

Since the end of the last decade, crowdfunding is accelerating at a tremendous speed. According to the 2015CF – Crowdfunding Industry Report there are 1,250 active crowdfunding platforms in the world. And they raised in 2014 $16.2 billion (167% increase as compared to 2013). 

In this brief post I want to share some Internet resources and stats that is available now – so, the reader can make a qualified decision on the activities: whether it is investing in Crowdfunding projects, or to participate in fundraising.

Crowdfunding platforms are one of the main sources of financing for gadgets and gizmos, and almost every day we see new projects appear on these websites. According to the TechCrunch data, wearbles get the most of money:

There is a rather heated discussion about which platform is better, and whether it is worth to invest money in new developments that are promoted. A few examples: Tech Review - Buying Gadgets That Don't Exist from the Lancing Star,  Indiegogo Vs. Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Wars ,5 Reasons Crowfunding Campaigns Fail by the LaunchLeader that cites: “The statistics are staggering: 60% of Kickstarter campaigns fail and 90% fail on Indiegogo.”

The Krowdster gives this comparison results for the major players in the field:

 This comparison table of two biggest players is drawn from Crowdfunding Options for WealthWorks Value Chains

This document contains a detailed instruction of how to start a campaign as well as reference information on the 19 US-based  Crowdfunding web-sites.

 In 2014, 22,252 projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter. That’s more creative projects than ever before.

     $529 million was pledged to Kickstarter projects last year. That's more than $1,000 a minute.

  •     Last year, 2,202,171 people backed a project for the first time.
  •     773,824 people backed more than one project;
  •     71,478 people backed more than 10 projects; and
  •     1,125 people backed more than 100 projects.

Time of day

  • Wednesday was the most popular day for pledges.
  • Early afternoon was one of the most popular times to pledge.

They also have very good graphics representation

More recent data is listed at this informative 2015Kickstarter Infographic from This site is also useful for those planning campaigns.

 The Art of Crowdfunding by NextNonprofits briefly analyzes the history of crowdfunding, describes the major websites and lists the tools and mechanism to start your campaign.

  Latest trends and directions of development of crowdfunding from the Institute of Aviation Poland provides this interesting stats 

Although it is related to the Arts category, it gives a certain understanding of popularity. The article also describes certain new areas of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Bible By Scott Steinberg is a 50-page source of various practical issues, that are associated with crowdfunding – might be very handy in planning campaigns.

THE CROWDFUNDING TEXTBOOK by Scott Prucell is an excellent guide to the process. It start with the brief history – here is one of the graphs that shows Kickstarter’s success:

 And goes on with detailed guidance on legal issues (especially associated with SEC and FINRA) on all stages of fundraising with crowdfunding. Really worth to read!

Crowdfunding 101 from  Crowdfunding professional Association is another guidance book to look at.

Intellect Academy provides this short guidance Creating a Kickstarter campaign, as well as Damien P. George shares his step-by-step experience

I hope that my limited research may provide an insight for those interested? Please, make comments to my mail:

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