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14.08.2015, 14:58   Stephenson Strategies

Criteria to evaluate IoT Smart Gadgets

Posted on 25th July 2015

I haven’t been able to put a lot of time into fleshing out my “Smart Aging” paradigm, which combines Quantified Self devices to change seniors’ relationship to their doctors into a partnership and give them incentives to improve their fitness, with smart home devices that make it easier to manage their homes through automation.

So here’s an attempt to move that along, a draft of (hopefully) objective criteria.  I’d love to hear your comments on additional criteria or changes to these, and hope to soon set up a formal system where seniors will evaluate devices in their homes using these criteria.

Smart Aging device evaluation criteria:

Ease of Use
  •     Does it give you a choice of ways to interact, such as voice, text or email?
  •     Is it easy for you to program, or allow someone else to do it remotely?
  •     Does it have a large display and controls?
  •     Is it intuitive?
  •     Does it require professional installation?
  •     Is it flexible: can it be adjusted? Is it single purpose, or does it allow other devices to plug in and create synergies?
  •     Does it complicate your life, or simplify it?
  •     Do any components require regular charging, or battery replacement.
Privacy, Security, and Control
  •     Is storage local vs. cloud or company’s servers? Is data encrypted? Anomized?
  •     Do you feel creepy using it?
  •     Is it password-protected?
  •     Is security “baked in” or an afterthought?
  •     Can you control how, when, and where information is shared?
  •     Will it work when the power goes out?


  •     Are there monthly fees? If so, low or high? Long term contract required?
  •     Is there major upfront cost?
  •     Does full functioning require accessories?
  •     Minimum cost/maximum cost
  •     Is it stylish, or does the design” shout” that it’s for seniors? Medical looking?
  •     Is the operation or design babyish?
  •     Would younger people use it?
  •     Is it sturdy?
  •     Does it have “loveability” (i.e., connect with the user emotionally)? (This term was coined by David Rose in Enchanted Objects, and refers to products that are adorable or otherwise bond with the user.)

  •         Protocols supported (eg. Bluetooth, BluetoothLE, WiFi, etc)
  •         Open or closed architecture
  •         Protocols supported (eg. WiFi, Ethernet, CDMA, GSM, etc)
  •         Data path (cloud, direct, etc)

    Remote configuration capability (i.e., by adult child)

Features and Functions

        Passive, acknowledge only
        Active dispensing (of meds)
    Home Monitoring
        Motion/Passive Activity Monitoring
        Environmental Alarms (Smoke, CO, Water, Temp)
        Intrusion Alarms (Window etc)
        Facilities/Infrastructure (Thermostat)
    Health Monitoring
        Vitals Collection
        Wearables Activity Monitoring
        Behavioral/Status Polling (How are you feeling today?)
        Behavioral Self-improvement
    Communications Monitoring
        Landline/Caller ID
            Identify scammers
        eMail and computer use
            Identify scammers
        Mobile phone use
    Fixed Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
    Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
    Fixed Fall Detection/Prediction
    Mobile Fall Detection/Prediction
    Telehealth (Video)
    New and Innovative Features
14.08.2015, 14:58   Stephenson Strategies
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