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Trago -- the World's First Smart Water Bottle

Introducing Trago -- the World's First Smart Water Bottle -- Support this revolutionary hydration product on Kickstarter now

AUSTIN, Texas, June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With all of the tools out there to track and improve performance, why aren't we paying closer attention to measuring hydration - one of the most important driving factors of health and performance? That's the question Trago, the world's first smart water bottle, is trying to answer. You can help Trago bring its product to market by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter for $49.99
"Water is the most abundant element in our body – it makes up 70% of our muscles, lubricates our joints, and delivers nutrients to our body. Water is essential to athletic performance. However, most of us don't know how much water we drink every day and, more importantly, how much we should drink to perform our best," said Davis Saltzgiver, co-founder and Head of Product for Trago.
Trago is a patent-pending water bottle that accurately measures how much you drink. It connects to your smart phone, and other wearable devices, and allows you to set, and measure, intelligent personal hydration goals. Trago is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $49.99.
"Our vision is to change the way people think about hydration. It is much more than just drinking a sports drink before or after working out. Gathering smart data from the user, your smart-phone, and other connected wearable devices, Trago helps you pinpoint the perfect amount to drink for you, and then keeps you on track to hit your daily hydration goals," said Jac Saltzgiver, Co-Founder and CEO of Trago.
Jac added, "Hydration isn't one size fits all. We believe there is a better way to hydrate, one that is healthier and more specific to the individual athlete and their needs and that's why we created Trago."
Stay Healthy and Hydrated With Trago:
Trago is perfect for people who sweat. Whether you are a professional athlete, or a 9-to-5'er who does most of your outdoor activities on the weekends, optimal hydration is critical to performing and feeling your best.
Trago features include:
    Intelligent – Until now, only pro-athletes had access to the resources to dial in their optimal hydration levels. Based on your body type, location, and activity level factors – Trago helps you understand the perfect amount to drink for you.
       Body Type
            Age, gender, height, weight
            The weather, elevation, humidity
        Activity Level
            Activity type, duration, and intensity
    Connected – Via Bluetooth Low-Energy, Trago can connect to smart phones, fitness platforms (like Apple Health and Mapmyfitness) and other wearable devices, seamlessly adjusting your water intake recommendations based on the data it receives.
    Accurate – Trago uses patent pending ultrasonic technology to determine precise changes in the water level. Combined with other sensors in the cap, Trago knows exactly how much you drink down to the half-ounce.
    Versatile – The Trago Cap fits on any wide-mouth water bottle – including Nalgene's, Camelbak's and Hydro Flasks.
    Environmental – Trago counts how many disposable plastic bottle you save, and rewards you for your positive impact on the environment through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.
    Team Hydration – Trago allows coaches, trainers and parents to monitor groups and multiple bottles. Now you can hold your athletes accountable, and ensure everyone is hydrated and ready to go on game-day.
    Long Battery Life – Trago runs for approximately 6 months on a common replaceable battery that can be found at your local drug store. Because who wants another device to charge?
Monitor Team Hydration with Trago:
Hydration is especially critical in a team sports setting. The Trago App gives coaches, trainers and parents the ability to monitor team hydration.
"In a sport like soccer, there's a direct correlation to being hydrated and performance on the field.  For college athletes, they do not always have the discipline to drink enough water in the days leading up to the game and often are dehydrated.  It's especially difficult to keep track of my student-athlete's water consumption when we are traveling on the road.  This water bottle combined with the phone application would make us aware of such issues and ensure our players are ready for game-day." - Jamie Franks, Head Coach, University of Denver Soccer Team
Trago is available for pre-order on Kickstarter from June 2nd – July 2nd. Link: Trago on Kickstarter
About Trago:
Trago is based in Austin, TX and is the market leader in connected hydration technology. Trago's first product, The Trago Cap & Bottle, allows users to measure the amount of water they drink out of their water bottle. Trago also uses smart data to determine your personal hydration profile based on a variety of factors that are unique to you – your body type, the weather that day, and your activity level. Trago is founded by Jac & Davis Saltzgiver, brothers with a passion for changing the way athletes think about hydration.
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From SportsTechie
The Trago Smart Water Bottle Will Help You Maintain Healthy Hydration With Scientific Data


The premise is so cliche: we’re so focused on work, family, and school that we rarely have time to take care of our bodies. That statement, unfortunately, is as true as it is oversaid. Take hydration, for example. How many of us drink more than even a liter of water a day? How many of us even remembers to hydrate ourselves until our thirst forces us to pry open a bottle of water?

Trago is an advanced water bottle cap with an embedded ultrasonic sensor that measures your daily liquid consumption and transmits the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The cap, powered by a battery with a shelf life of over half a year, detects bottle movement and tracks refills to present you with the most accurate hydration data. In addition, it is also compatible with most water bottles on the market, including those from Camelback and Hydroflask.

Jac Saltzgiver, the CEO of Trago, spoke to us in a phone interview about the inspirations behind Trago:

“There is a better way to hydrate than simply drinking a Gatorade before or after you work out. It is based on data that is unique to you. We want to change the way that people, and athletes, think about hydration.”

Saltzgiver and the Trago team want to debunk the age-old adage that more fluid means better hydration. As the market’s most unique hydration technology, Trago is connected to multiple third-party apps, including those from Under Armour, Fitbit, and Garmin, to accumulate exercise and activity data helpful in determining a person’s optimal hydration level.

“The premise of the sports drink industry is that you should drink as much fluid as possible, but each person actually has a specific hydration level, and drinking past that can indeed result in over-hydration. Factors like body type – which will be determined by age, height, weight, and health conditions – weather, and activity level will determine the amount of water you should be drinking per day to reach your hydration goal. Six hours of hiking in 90 degree heat at Zion National Park will dehydrate you much more quickly than a lazy afternoon at the pool.”

“Furthermore,” Saltzgiver continues, “most people don’t realize that they’re hydrating harmfully by drinking unhealthy sports drinks with too much sugar. With Trago, we want to both help professional athletes become more well-hydrated and perform and recover at their best, and make hydration a conscious concern in people’s everyday life.”

Trago has partnered up with D1 Collegiate programs to allow coaches and trainers to monitor team hydration. Saltzgiver says that the company’s goals over the next few years will be to introduce healthier hydration alternatives than currently offered by the sports drink industry, and create complementary wearables in the hydration lane.

After completing a successful Kickstarter bid in June, Trago is in full production mode and expected to hit the shelves in the spring of 2016. 
06.09.2015, 08:46   PRN Newwire
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