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SmartHalo Smart Bike System

Turn any bike into a smart bike
SmartHalo lives on your handlebar and pairs with your phone to turn your bike into a smart bike.
One Halo.
Never get lost again
SmartHalo finds the quickest and safest routes and bikepaths for you, to make your ride a stress-free experience. Input the destination on your smartphone, tuck it safely back in your pocket and let SmartHalo take care of the rest. Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, like a bike GPS, but simply through an intuitive light halo. Alleluia.
SmartHalo App with navigation
SmartHalo App with Bike Locator
It reminds you where you’re parked

Head in the clouds? Some dizziness? Or is life too stressful? No matter what your excuse is, our app will remind you where your bike was when you locked it.
Seamlessly Track Your Cycling Metrics
Unlike regular fitness apps, no need to press “start” or “stop” or actually do anything – SmartHalo tracks your progress as soon as you start pedalling. Get extensive metrics without having to think about it. Visualize the data in the app or export it wherever you want.
SmartHalo - Tracking pictos
  • SmartHalo App Tracking Current
  • SmartHalo App Tracking Elevation
  • SmartHalo App Tracking Lifetime
  • Set Goals. Get Fit. Bike Hard.
Social Biking for the 21st Century
Cyclists are social animals too! Share your world-breaking records from your last Tour de France, or that high speed you got while cycling downhill. Or not. Whatever. Bragging rights optional.

Night Lighting Done Right
Night lights get lost, stolen and fail on us – that is unacceptable. SmartHalo stays permanently on your bike with tamper-proof screws so you never have to bike in the dark again.
Night Time Activation
As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo’s light turns on automatically. When your ride is finished, SmartHalo turns off on its own. Magic.
Ultra-Bright Lights
200 lumens of raw luminous power to see and be seen.
A Personal Assistant on Your Handlebar
Cyclists miss important notifications all the time, because street noise and road vibration make them hard to notice. Introducing your personal biking assistant.
Call and SMS Notifications
SmartHalo notifies you of incoming calls and SMS, directly on your handlebar. (But we beg you, stop pedalling while you take that call!)
Weather Alerts
Heads up: nasty thunderstorm incoming! Be warned when weather conditions will turn ugly so you can better plan your trips.
Advanced anti-theft features for urban commuters
The problem with bike accessories is that they often get stolen. Luckily, SmartHalo is more than a simple accessory – it’s meant to live permanently on your bike, safely secured with anti-theft features.
Prevent Any Meddling With Your Sacred Two-Wheeler
A motion triggered alarm protects not only SmartHalo but also your bike, in case someone tries to tamper with it for more than a few seconds. Thieves be warned.
lockWorld-Class Security to Survive the Harshest Cities
SmartHalo is secured with a tamper-proof screw to prevent anyone from stealing it. Only your custom key fob will unlock it.
A device that responds only to its rightful owner
SmartHalo only responds to authorized devices – it’ll be completely useless to a thief’s smartphone.

A Revolutionary design that fits any bike
We built SmartHalo to bring the power of smart biking to all cyclists – our slick and minimalist design will fit virtually any handlebar and will work under any conditions.
Fits any Bike
We know your bike is special. This is why we built SmartHalo to bring the power of smart biking to all cyclists – our slick and minimalist design will fit virtually any handlebar.

Tested Against the Most Unforgiving Weather.
SmartHalo thrives under the elements. Go ahead, throw rain, snow, mud or whatever at it*. Bring it.
*Not yet tested against tornados.
Daylight Visibility
The Halo adapts to lighting conditions to make sure its visible in bright sunlight, while not blinding you at night.
A Battery That Never Calls It Quits.
We’ve engineered and optimized our battery to ensure it lasts a long time. To recharge, simply plug it through USB.
Works with platforms: Android, iOS
SmartHalo will debut on Kickstarter soon.
Contact us:
Designed in Montreal   ♥   Patent pending. Some features subject to change.

Review from SportMagazine

Montreal’s SmartHalo Takes a Minimalist Approach to Smart Biking
July 23, 2015

Sometimes the most sophisticated technology is the simplest. With a minimalist interface and extensive capability under the hood, SmartHalo seeks to be the answer to a variety of rider’s needs, whilst minimising distractions.
Eschewing the data heavy, sound dependent, model of most smart bike devices, SmartHalo pairs with your smartphone and uses a circle of light to indicate a variety of things, such as directions, distance of goal completed, even text message and weather notifications.
Gabriel Alberola, SmartHalo’s Director of User Experience says;
“While it’s easy to implement technology to biking, the real challenge is integrating it elegantly, to make it barely noticeable yet really useful.”
While the interface is simple, the accompanying app will be sophisticated and malleable to the preferences and interests of everyone from competitive road cyclists to casual urban riders.

Key Features of Smart Halo
  • Navigation that eschews often-missed verbal cues for a simple, intuitive, circle of light to indicates turns
  • Deep ride metrics, automatically tracks when you start pedaling and it stops when you do
  • Theft proof, inconspicuous design
  • Automatic, user presence and night-time activated 200 lumen light
  • Motion sensitive theft alarm
  • Goal setting - distance, time, calories, your progress displayed visually, as a completing circle
  • Location reminder of where you last left your bike
  • Social sharing
  • Call, Text and Weather alert notifications
Given their own experience as urban commuters and road bikers in the dense streets of Montreal, SmartHalo is designed to maximize safety while minimizing accessory and bike theft. Thus, the device will be theft proof, usable only by its owner, the light automatic and it will have a motion sensitive alarm.

Maxime Couturier, SmartHalo’s Director of Design says; “Most smart biking accessories need to be removed after each trip or they risk being stolen. Have you ever seen a car owner remove his headlights and dashboard after his ride? Neither have we.”
With a retail price of $149 upon its release in early 2016, SmartHalo will be available via their Crowdfunding campaign in August for $79.99 - interested parties can sign up for SmartHalo’s notification list to be the first to know of the campaign’s launch.
For more information and to see it in action visit:
26.07.2015, 07:52   SmartHalo
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