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26.07.2015, 16:06   SIVACYCLE

Siva Cycle -The Siva Atom Portable Charger

  • Ride your bike, charge your device
  • The Siva Atom means power whenever and wherever you need it
  • Live untethered with clean electricity from your own two legs
  • Siva Atom charges USB electronics
  • Charge portable electronics via USB
  • iPhone, Android, GPS, GoPro, rechargeable lights and more. The Siva Atom means you always have power
  • Siva Atom Removable Battery Pack
  • You create the power
  • Use it anywhere with the removable battery pack
Review from REI
 Siva Cycle The Siva Atom Portable Charger
The Siva Atom transforms the momentum of riding your bike into reliable, USB power captured in the removable battery pack so you can charge your devices anywhere you go.
  •     Use power you created biking while off the bike with the 1650 mAh removable battery; the battery can also be recharged from any outlet with a micro-USB cord (not included)
  •     Use The Siva Atom to charge your phone, GPS, lights, action camera, and more!
  •     Device can be installed or removed in under 2 min.
  •     Weather resistant to IP-4 international standards
  •     Electromagnetic generator provides frictionless power with minimal effort to the rider
  •     Weighs a mere 330g
Made in USA.
Best use     Bike commuting & touring
Charge time (hrs)     2 hours
External charge     USB / Wall
Battery included     Yes
Battery storage capacity (mAh)     1650 mAh
Power output to device (mA)     USB: 5V 1000 mA (5W) ; Bike: 5V 800 mA (4W) ; Bike under 10mph 5V 500 mA (2.5W)
Material(s)     Reinforced plastic/silicone/metal
Dimensions     7.5 x 4.3 x 1.8 inches
Weight     330 grams
26.07.2015, 16:06   SIVACYCLE
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