MedGizmo - Safelet - the bracelet that keeps you safe.
14.09.2015, 11:23   SAFELET

Safelet - the bracelet that keeps you safe

In an emergency it’s often impossible to reach for your phone. Safelet is a ‘smart bracelet’ that allows you to alert friends, family and the police, where you are and that you need help.

Live the way you want to, knowing that you’re always connected and protected.
A choice of five colors means there’s always a Safelet to complement your style.
Safelet allows you to simply, discretely and quickly let your network, and the police, know that you need help.
The moment you activate Safelet, the people who matter will know your location precisely, in real-time.

Freedom is about feeling safe…
Returning home from a night out. Going on a date with someone new. Getting some exercise in the park. We believe that every woman deserves to feel safe, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.
Safelet is designed so that when the wearer is in danger, they can alert their chosen personal network of friends and family. Stylish yet discrete, Safelet is absolutely focussed on being as simple to use as possible in high stress, emergency situations; a moment when it is often simply not possible to reach for your phone.

The people that care about you want to be there when you are most in need. Now, with Safelet, they can.
Safety is what we do for each other!

14.09.2015, 11:23   SAFELET
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