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18.08.2015, 07:54   ExoAtlet

EXOATLET - Russian exoskeleton for rehabilitation

Medical exoskeleton ExoAtlet is designed to assist disabled people and it can be used for both physical and social rehabilitation of locomotor patients with musculoskeletal disorders.
This modification will administrate the rehabilitation needs and physical therapy methods of rehabilitation departments and specialized rehabilitation centers for children and adults.
ExoAtlet is a unique device designed to assist in verticalization and walk of patients with locomotion disorders of lower limbs: its control system is based on signals from torque sensors, electromyograms and brain signals. Voice control can be used as well.
Control algorithms allow to perform the movement with constant repeat of natural walk pattern which speeds up the recovery process of locomotor and nerve systems.
With the help of exoskeleton ExoAtlet patients will be able to walk again, go up and down the stairs, sit down and stand up all by themselves.
The verticalization and walk by themselves is the basic condition of health functioning of human body and all inner systems.  They improve blood pressure, lung ventilation, they provide degeneration of muscles and bone tissues, improves the mobility of the joints, prevents urological deseses and disorders.
The ExoAtlet is a solution for the problem of symbiosis of humane body and mechanical device on the mechano- haptic interplay. this is an integration of a person an a robot.

For the first time people spending their life in a wheel chair are able to stand on their feet and talk to people face to face.

This biomechanical device may be suggested for clinical trials and implementation to praxis of rehabilitation of the Academician N. N. Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Federal State Institution Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of N.N.Priorova and many other specialized scientific and medical facilities.
Limb injuries are most common injuries in the system of injuries of different kinds and, therefore the question of complete recovery of limb functions is of great importance to the today’s traumatology and neurosurgery. Despite the high level of civilization, the humanity still hasn’t solved the problems of aging and partial or complete paralyses of lower limbs.
ExoAtlet for the rehabilitation of patients with lower limb trauma or musculoskeletal disorders will keep them in horizontal positions providing them both more mobility and independent living skills.
Such medical device can be used in physical therapy together with other means of medical treatment of patients with central paralyses, caused by cerebral apoplexy or spinal cord injury.
Another important issue is the social and psychological rehabilitation of people with musculoskeletal disorders. Such kind of rehabilitation is based on principles of vertical orientation and compensation of lost locomotion functions.
The development of rehabilitational modification of exoskeliton is carried out under the State Contract on exoskeleton for medical use.

18.08.2015, 07:54   ExoAtlet
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