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Enable Injector: First-In-Human Wearable Injector

The Enable Injector

The Enable injector is designed to provide the user with a safe, simple, and discrete device that provides a controlled and comfortableflow of drug at a rate that adapts to the user. The injector design is based upon over 12 years of research in minimizing injection pain with over 20 Human Factors studies conducted.  The Enable Injector incorporates a unique ‘pause function’ that allows the user to pause the injection at any time.  There are two injector sizes, 1-10 ml capacity, and 1-20 ml capacity (shown on right). All injectors follow the simple steps shown below.
Step 1
Remove Injector from Transfer System and place on skin
Adhesive backing is automatically exposed
Step 2
Remove the safety tab
Tab can be removed in any direction
Step 3
Press Button
Needle is automatically inserted
Controlled flow of drug begins
Gage in window shows injection progress
Step 4
Remove and dispose of the device
​Button automatically retracts needle and locks-out
  • Audible/Tactile/Visible and discrete end-of-dose indication
  • Needle is never exposed
            System Benefits
  •     Discrete - minimal size, weight, profile
  •     Volumes of 1-10, 1-20 ml
  •     Simple operation - only one button to push
  •     Automatic needle insertion
  •     Minimum needle size
  •     Tactile, visible, audible feedback of delivery completion 
  •     Needle is locked out, never seen
  •     Flowrate adapts to individual user for maximum comfort
  •     Multiple proprietary features minimize discomfort
  •     Unique On-demand ‘Pause’ feature provides user control
  •     “…a funky looking, cool device…people respond to it…"  
From BusinessWire
Enable Injections Completes Its First-In-Human Wearable Injector Pilot Trial

September 09, 2015

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Enable Injections, the developer and manufacturer of a new wearable injector technology platform that enables easy, comfortable patient self-administration of large volume drugs subcutaneously, announced today that it has completed its first-in-human pilot trial. The study evaluated dose delivery, injection pain and ease of use in subcutaneous self-delivery.

    “We can foresee the potential for improved patient outcomes, cost savings and reduced hospital stays.”

Ten healthy subjects served as their own controls. Each self-administered four doses of saline subcutaneously with the Enable Injector, an advanced drug delivery device. The Enable Injector was used to successfully deliver both low (1.5 mL) and high (2 x 10 mL) doses.

“An easy to use, relatively painless injector like this may open the door not only for new pharmaceuticals that may not be possible without this type of device, but also significantly improve patient compliance,” said principal investigator Gary Ansel, MD, Associate Medical Director of the OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute in Columbus. “We can foresee the potential for improved patient outcomes, cost savings and reduced hospital stays.”

Wearable injectors are designed to address the challenges of complexity, patient compliance and the high costs of delivering large volume drugs such as biologics. The Enable Injector was developed and designed based on input from dozens of human factors studies to make self-injection safe, easy, comfortable and convenient for patients – yet cost-effective for the pharmaceutical industry and payers.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of the pilot trial and the performance of the Enable Injector,” said Michael D. Hooven, President and CEO of Enable Injections. “We look forward to additional clinical trials to meet the pressing need for new, patient-pleasing injection technology that can unlock the promise of biologics and that can also reduce drug formulation and health system costs.”

Enable Injections is currently involved in multiple feasibility and collaboration programs with several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

About Enable Injections

Founded February 2010 by medical device industry veterans, Cincinnati, OH-based Enable Injections develops and manufactures devices that allow easy, comfortable patient self-administration of high volume/viscosity drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry investigational use. The Enable body-worn Injector utilizes any standard container closure system, including syringe, vial or cartridge; automatically warms and can automatically mix lyophilized solutions.


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