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22.07.2015, 09:37   CTRL ON

CTRL ON - Smartest, Safest Glasses for Cycling

CTRL’s smart eyewear uses the fastest responding and most energy-efficient technology available. It offers instantaneous adapting tint within the blink of an eye (within 0.1 second). Control your tint manually with a simple touch of a button, or put it on the automatic mode to change automatically. With CTRL Eyewear, you control your vision!

Lighting conditions on a ride change fast - so should your sunglasses. The revolutionary e-Tint powered CTRL ONE is the world's fastest tint changing sunglasses. Developed for the U.S. Special Forces and now adapted and optimized for anybody who wants to enhance performance.

Tested by the best to give you a competitive edge

CTRL ONE combines technology and customization to enhance your personal safety, convenience and performance.

The perfect Combination of Gadget and Gear

Optimize your performance

Light conditions are constantly in flux and your lenses need to keep up. Until now, no glasses could do this. CTRL ONE uses military-grade electronic Tint-on-Demand (e-Tint) technology that can change the tint of your lenses automatically and instantaneously, so you can keep your hands on the handlebar and your eyes on the road.

Protect your vision
CTRL ONE's ballistic, e-Tint lenses will improve your reaction time and protect against flies, rain and rubble. This is paramount for safety in situations where speed and control are essential.
e-Tint Technology: The Optical Revolution
Most sunglasses do not adapt to changing light. Others such as photochromic sunglasses adapt very slowly (several minutes) and are not controllable. The internationally patented electronic Tint-on-Demand (e-Tint) liquid crystal based technology is ultra fast and controllable. This is why the U.S. Army has stated that competition is not applicable in this area.
CTRL ONE is available in 5 frame colors - Red&White, Blue&White, completely white and completely black. The lenses are either neutral or orange. Possibly more colors are added. See the Strech Goals with possibly even a color chosen by Backers..

CTRL Eyewear is specifically established to create the consumer version of innovative eyewear created for the U.S. Special Forces. The company is dedicated to globally launching and selling innovative products powered by AlphaMicron’s e-Tint technology. There is a small team headed by Daf Dubbelman and Indiegogo Campaign Manager Nick Hersevoort (staff number 1).

AlphaMicron is the mother company behind CTRL Eyewear and has a team of over 30 committed staff including 7 PhDs, 5 masters and 5 LC process engineers. CEO Bahman Taheri is also Adjunct Professor of Chemical Physics at Kent State University (Ohio). Bahman has over 70 publications and more than 65 international patents on liquid crystals, optical devices, optics and lasers. He has obtained recognition by amongst others the Thomas Edison Emerging Technology award, Ernst & Young finalist Entrepreneur of the Year award and Crain’s Business 40 under 40.
22.07.2015, 09:37   CTRL ON
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