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CarePredict Tempo - Wearable Technology for Senior Citizens

Tempo™ is a wearable sensor that you wear on your wrist. It measures your normal patterns of life. It requires an automated monitoring service that analyzes the patterns and alerts your loved ones when something is amiss.

Tempo™ comes as part of a kit that consists of one wearable sensor with a male watch- band or a female bracelet, one communication hub and 4 room identifying beacons.
Tempo™ talks to the communications hub, which then communicates to the Internet. If you have wireless or wired Internet access at home, the Communications hub can use that; otherwise, it has cellular Internet built in to talk to the Internet. There maybe an additional charge for using the cellular Internet; but you get to choose how it connects when you receive your Tempo™ and activate it.
Your loved ones can get an alert via a text message to the cell phone, or with an email or with a “Push” notification to their smartphone app which is available for free.
When you activate your Temp, we create an account for you. You can manage the alerts, who gets them and when they get them. You can also view your rhythm journal and see your normal patterns and how they have changed over time by using a computer or a smart device with a free downloadable app.

Wearable sensor
CarePredict™ Tempo™ is wrist-worn sensor with sophisticated software. It has a band that switches out for different looks. The sensor detects motion – walking, running, sitting, standing, or lying down – and location; and the software figures out the activities. It transmits data and charges wirelessly so there are no cords or plugs.
Beacon + hub
CarePredict™ Tempo™ uses beacons to understand its location in the home. It sends information to the cloud through a hub to be analyzed on our secure servers. The beacons are small and battery-operated. The hub is discrete and plugged into an outlet and can use your home’s Internet connection or its own.
Rhythm Journal
You can log into your loved one’s private account from any computer to track data, see alerts, and change who’s in their care network. We treat your loved one’s data with the utmost privacy and you can always change who has access to the journal.
Smart Data
Meaningful Context
CarePredict™ Tempo™ takes motion type, speed, number of steps, duration, and frequency – and combines it with location data. For instance, lying for two hours in the living room may be a nap, while lying in the bathroom would notify you that something might be wrong.
Continuous Tracking
CarePredict™ Tempo™ learns your loved one’s normal activity patterns over the first seven days. It measures daily activities and creates a rhythm journal that you and other caregivers can view and compare over weeks and months.
From Digital Cosmopolitan
Tempo- The Wearable Technology for Senior Citizens

Mar 12, 2015 Charles Davis

Wearable devices are mainly developed with the young generation in mind. Fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart bracelets, etc are all targeted for the trendy youth. Among a range of different wearable tech, there are only a handful of them which are dedicated for senior citizens. CarePredict is a new tech company which is committed to keep the senior citizens and their children aware and up-to-date about their health. The company has developed Tempo, a monitoring and alert system which tracks and records the daily life activities of older people and informs their loved ones if there is a change in the pattern.

Tempo- a Wearable which can Turn out to be a Life Saver

This device gives the power to seniors to stay comfortable and safe in their own homes, in the process, providing their loved one peace of mind, as they know that they can provide help with just a notification.
It is not often easy for adults today, in their hectic life, to be always present and give care to their elderly parents. But, the worry remains. With Tempo, they can have a little less to worry about. With the tool, they will be on the knowhow if their parents’ well-being is compromised in any way and take proper care at the right time.  It can even turn out to be a life saver by sending out notifications to the children if they notice a change in the daily life pattern of their parents.

How Does Tempo Help?

Tempo’s sensor technology keeps track of the patterns of the seniors in their daily life. If the pattern changes, their children are notified. The wearable monitors location (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc), motion (lying down, sitting, walking) and activities (sleeping, cooking, eating, bathing, etc) and creates a map of the daily habits of the seniors.
Even subtle changes like more time spent sleeping, slower motion, lesser time spent for cooking, etc. are recorded and they can act as indicators of any underlying medical condition or a change in the quality of their life. When the device notices these changes, it notifies the loved ones discreetly through email, text messages and/or mobile app alerts. This will help them to check in with their parents and provide them medical attention if required. It can be worn on the wrist and can be charged without any cords or wires.

Tempo by CarePredict paves the way for a better, more timely and informed care for the senior citizens.
04.09.2015, 13:59   CarePredict
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