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Advanced Accessories SMARTRING WITH NFC

What is NFC

It stands for “Near Field Communication” and is a standard for transmitting data over very short distances. It is a modern variant of the classic RFID technology (i.e. today used on buses, trains, passes and ski lifts etc.) that aims to create secure transfers between electronic devices.

A more common use is the so-called mobile wallets where a NFC-equipped Smartphone can pay in a store checkout by just holding the phone to the vending machine.
NFC technologies & Manufacturers
There are several different techniques and manufacturers of NFC tags. The difference is, among other things, how quickly they can communicate, how big they need to be and especially how large memory and how good compatibility they have. One common NFC tags is the NTAG203 and works with virtually all mobile phones and tablets that have NFC support. It holds 144 bytes, which is enough to store a URL, a mobile phone number, Bitcoin Wallet, a short text message or a hotkey. Another common NFC tag is MIFARE 1k tag. It holds 752 bytes that can be used to store information. It is enough to save a business card, a text message or a longer command.


Together with a doorlock from Samsung, for example model Samsung SHS-1321, you can already use your SMARTRing. This instead of a badge or a key ring to unlock your apartment. Please contact us of retailers that we can recommend.

NFC technology can be used for access cards and access systems. The staff does not need to keep track of codes, which for safety reasons maybe changed frequently. Please contact us at Advanced Accessories House if you need tips and recommendations on suitable retailers.

There are potential suppliers of digital locks (Assa Abloy etc.) to common family home solutions. This is currently being investigated and we will get back with an update at a later stage of recommended retailers that are confirmed to be compatible with the SMARTRing.

Audi, BMW and VW’s latest car models on the market have integrated NFC and is used to unlock a car. We are currently investigating the compatibility of SMARTRing to these brands. The video on the left shows how Audi and LG’s SmartWatch can control multiple functions in a car.

You can use your SMARTRing with your Smartphone to launch various functions. You can also use the SMARTRing as a digital business card as well as using it for storing of Bitcoin private keys in a very safe manner.

In today’s Smartphones the NFC technology is already integrated which means that you can use it in many useful and exciting ways. One way is to use Advanced Accessories House App “NFC SMARTRing Unlock” which, with your SMARTRing, unlocks the screen of your Smartphone. That means that you do not need to use your PIN code to unlock your phone. Just place the SMARTRing against your Smartphone to unlock it. Here you can see our instructional video and more information about the App to our SMARTRing products

One of the most practical applications of using SMARTRing is to have it as a key to your apartment. Today there is a wide range of different digital Locks available to buy; one is for example SHS-1321 from Samsung. It works perfectly with SMARTRing, which means that the usual cards and tags (included with the purchase of the lock) is not required to use; instead, it only needs to unlock the door is a SMARTRing programmed the usual way (by yourself) with a digital lock (see 4:35 into the clip of the installation video, link at the bottom). The advantages of this are that
  •     Only the SMARTRing is needed – no key or access card is needed included
  •     Always available – it is always available where you need it the most: on your finger. No grabbing for any keys or access cards that you forgot where you put it.
  •     Increased security – you need not to worry about losing it as easy as it is to lose, forget or be robbed of a key or access card.
  •     Visible and securely stored – when a SMARTRing, just like a normal finger ring, is worn on a finger (i). you can immediately see if it is on or not. And, if you were to drop it, (ii). you will feel it immediately and can easily pick it up and insert it onto your finger again.

Ring Size – As for all rings, you have to try out the right size, but its worth repeating: A ring should sit loosely enough so that it feels comfortable to wear it, but, at the same time, be just as small in size so that it can not readily go to pull off at the knuckle of the finger (which will act as a natural “stop”), but one must coax the ring in order to be able to pull off all the way. Video link to instructions – how to use digital locks Installation – of Samsung SHS-1321 locks

03.09.2015, 09:20   Advanced Accessories
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