MedGizmo - MedGizmo Recognized by as Top Influencer for Blockchain in Health Twitter Information
19.10.2017, 11:42   MedGizmo

MedGizmo Recognized by as Top Influencer for Blockchain in Health Twitter Information

A little while ago introduced a brand-new Web design for its Website. Now, there is much more information available. This a well-established 
advanced Twitter Hashtags search engine that allows to find the best hashtags to reach audience. One of exciting new features – is the ability to find top influencers on each of hashtags. And, sure enough, we discovered that MedGizmo Twitter Feed is currently a top influencer on #blockchainhealth hashtag. 
In June 2015 we started MedGizmo Twitter Feed with the purpose of updating medical professionals on the latest news in wearables and wearable technology. Most of healthcare professionals do not have enough time to browse through tons of information on the Web – thus we are attempting to fill in that need. However, with the time flow, we extended our coverage to general Healthcare Technologies and Innovations. At the same time, we found that Healthcare Education is one of the hot topics, so we added this information to our feed. Currently, we have 2,500+ followers on Twitter, as well as 800+ followers on our daily Instagram Feed which is focused on new wearables and applications. Healthcare Blockhain Applications will disrupt the industry - so the need for updated information is acute. We publish links to news, as well as to some scholarly papers and patents. 
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19.10.2017, 11:42   MedGizmo
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