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01.08.2015, 10:31   SpeechMED Caregiver

Multilanguage SpeechMED Caregiver Apps

Easy to use multi-lingual solution for patients and caregivers that makes lives safer and organized.
We are frustrated with traditional healthcare communication because it is causing families everywhere to have avoidable, life-threatening and expensive mistakes.
How can patients and their caregivers follow critical healthcare instructions when they don't understand them?
Imagine that your life depended on taking a bottle of pills properly. Now imagine how scary it would be if you were one of the 90 million people, who, for various reasons, cannot read, understand, or process the complexity of medical instructions. Now imagine that no one in your family can either! Medical care miscommunication can lead to crisis and even death.
Patients and their caregivers should be able to receive their information in way that they can readily understand. That may mean that the patient needs their medication reminders and other information in Spanish or another language. It may mean that they need to hear it in English. In the case of English as a second language, many people learn to speak another language but they don’t read it well. And there are many others that find printed instructions very difficult to understand or inaccessible. And yet, the healthcare establishment continues to give us printed information designed for 14% of population that has high health literacy.
We are here with a solution for a new healthcare communication future! An easy to use multi-lingual tablet for patients and their caregivers that actually makes their lives safer and more organized.  With your help we can bring healthcare information to the rest of us.

SpeechMED+ Benefits For Patients and Their Caregivers.
  • Peace of mind with respect to healthcare because the patient and caregivers know exactly what to do and when.
  • Increased ability to make informed decisions about their healthcare because they understand the information given to them.
  • Help avoiding missed appointments, and medicine doses.
  • Ability to hear and understand lifesaving messages in their own language.
  • Assurance that caregivers, regardless of native language, can understand instructions.
  • Tactile keypad and audio information delivery to accommodate a person  if visually challenged.
  • Keeps a list of allergies and medications for emergencies or the next medical appointment.
  • Gives the ability to record notes and messages for patient, caregiver or health professional.
  • Stores important documents in one place. Your documents can be uploaded to our secure cloud for easy access from the device or our secure cloud portal.
  • Sends medication reminders with an picture of the pill. Generic medicines may look differently and the software allows you to take an actual picture from the device to show during the reminder.
  • If the patient misses a medication reminder SpeechMED can send a lack of compliance text to the caregiver if there is one.
SpeechMED speaks in multiple languages for those that need it.

Caregivers are frequently tired and worried about their patient.  They may work a job and still have children to manage. SpeechMED Caregiver is a simple to use tool to empower patients and their caregivers.  It allows them to upload a wide range of personalized care information including medications, reminders, emergency contacts, allergies and appointments. It also allows the Caretaker to monitor some of the patient’s activities remotely.  In addition instructions can be left in different language for other caretakers.
01.08.2015, 10:31   SpeechMED Caregiver
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