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HealthTap for U.S. Doctors

HealthTap is changing healthcare
We handpicked more than 70,000 of the world’s best doctors to quickly answer your health questions—for free.
  • The 21st-century modern answer to the need for rapid, easy access to a patient-doctor concierge-type medical service.
  • Browse through millions of questions real people have asked
  • See how top doctors answered them
  • Stop settling for general Internet searches on important health issues

For Members
  • Create a personal and private health profile
  • Ask any personal health question—for free!
  • Get doctor-provided answers, tips, checklists, and news tailored to you
HealthTap gives you and your family access to the best health answers and news created and curated bythe best doctors. HealthTap doctors also provide tips and checklists so you can act to improve your well being.

With HealthTap Prime, the doctor is always in! HealthTap Prime subscribers get unlimited 24/7 access to top u.s. doctors via video, voice or chat on any personal computer or mobile device.
Privately connect with your personal doctors - both primary care and specialists - over HD video, voice or text chat, from anywhere in the world.
  • Access unlimited live doctor consults, 24/7
  • Get personalized treatment, referrals, and checklists
  • Benefit from priority text answers from top doctors
For Doctors
HealthTap helps doctors build their online reputation, serve patients better, and learn from one another. Apply to join the HealthTAp network and claim your Virtual Practice Page (ViP).
HealthTap Concierge is a private paid video text connection between you and your patients form anywhere pin the world at your convenience. You can revive text chat or video calls from your patients using any computer or movie device. Get paid immediately with no hassle or overhead costs. HealthTap Concierge is open to U.S doctors in all specialities.
With HealthTap Prime you, can provide Virtual Consults to patients around the world, while boosting your income, enjoying flexible hours, seeing patients from anywhere, and getting paid quickly! HealthTap Prime is open to primary care U.S. doctors. As a Prime doctor you can give advice, prescribe medications, and provide patients with helpful checklists or reminders. Extend your reach, get well compensated, and make global impact while helping millions of people eveywhere.

For Developers

We’ve created the world’s most comprehensive knowledgebase of doctor-created personal health information, and organized it with our proprietary ontology, not only for users and doctors, but also for developers.
Developers can easily tap into this using our robust APIs to create products that have never been possible before. LEARN MORE ›

For Influencers
If you’re a health professional or someone with a deep passion for health and wellness issues and a strong social network following, we want to hear from you! Expand your reach and influence while helping millions of people around the world Feel Good

For Groups
Increase the visibility, reputation, and brand loyalty of your medical group, and transform the doctors in your practice into global thought leaders! LEARN MORE ›

For Medical Students
Learn from top doctors and network with other medical professionals from around the world!

Tap into a vast (and growing) universe of fresh health knowledge—the only one created, curated, edited, and organized by doctors themselves. With HealthTap and 68,000 of the world's top doctors, you get access to:
Browse your feed for personalized, relevant doctor answers for topics you follow
Inspiring doctor tips to help you achieve your health goals
Curated by doctors to keep you informed on current events in medicine  
Doctor recommended health and wellness iOS and Android apps
Medication and procedure reviews
Doctor ratings and reviews for over 4,000 medications and procedures

Get Help
Talk with a top doctor using our Virtual Consult experience via high-definition video, voice, or text. Get help anywhere, 24/7, via the web or your mobile device, securely and privately. Share photos or test results, and get immediate answers, treatment, and referrals to help you feel good!

HealthTap Concierge gives you a live private connection to your doctor from anywhere in the world. Connect with your personal doctors - both primary care and specialists - over HD video, voice, or text chat, from anywhere you are.
  • Connect with your doctor from anywhere — no appointment needed
  • Get personalized treatment, referrals, and checklists between office visits
  • Get follow-up reminders for activities that help you meet your health goals

Take Action
Run faster or longer, eat better, or otherwise proactively maintain a healthy lifestyle. Better manage your cholesterol, diabetes, or other chronic condition, or just remember to take your medications on time. Whatever your goal, follow our doctor-created checklists and health tips to make you smile and feel good!

CNet Editors' Review

by: staff on May 16, 2014

HealthTap gives you access to real doctors and lets you ask them questions about all types of topics right from your iPhone. And even if you don't have a specific question to ask, you can browse the questions other users have submitted and the answers they received on any topic relevant to you, as well as getting basic information about all types of topics related to health, wellness, and medications.

Profile options: When creating your profile on HealthTap, you can enter as much or as little information as you'd like. The more you enter, the more the doctor who answers your question will likely be able to tell you that relates to you specifically, but if you just want general info or want to browse without asking questions, you don't have to put anything personal into the app. Categories for entering personal information include insurance info, medications, pharmacy info, symptoms and conditions, immunizations, and more.
Tons of info: If you poke around a bit, you can find all kinds of information in this app. Topics covered range from bereavement to weight loss, and just about everything in between. There are basic descriptions of medications, procedures, and diseases, as well as specific questions and answers relating to each. And, of course, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you can ask your own question, as well.
Convoluted navigation: The navigation on this app is somewhat counter-intuitive, and it's likely that you'll wind up going somewhere you didn't intend at some point. Eventually you'll find your way around, but it's a little hit or miss at first.

Bottom Line
While this app is definitely no replacement for visiting and talking with your personal doctor, it's a great way to get quick answers to some basic questions about health and medications. Even if you don't have a specific question or concern, it can be very interesting to browse through the information in the app and see what you can learn about various topics that are of interest to you.

06.08.2015, 07:32   HealthTap
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