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Dr Now health app to diagnose and deliver medicines

    The world’s first health app to diagnose and deliver medicines

The revolutionary Dr Now® platform connects patients with qualified GPs through remote video consultation, giving them the medical diagnosis they need, when they need it.
  The revolutionary Dr Now® platform is the world’s first healthcare application to offer the delivery of medicines and prescriptions to a patient’s home or office directly from a remote, mobile-based consultation.
    Prescriptions and medicines dispatched to where you want, when you want them
    Fast diagnosis and fast delivery: Dr Now® can guarantee that the medicines and prescriptions you need are delivered to your door by the next morning or within 4 hours in Central London.
    Visit the pricing to create an individual plan or family pack now

    Dr Now® offers reliable primary healthcare at an affordable price, with a range of different packages available. Pay per appointment, or set up a monthly or family plan today to speak to a Dr Now®.
    Speak with a male or female Dr Now®, with appointments suited to fit you
    Dr Now® gives patients access to a rapid and reliable diagnosis from a medical professional of their choice, with pre-planned remote appointments to fit in with their busy schedule.

    Medication Delivery
    Prescriptions can be delivered to the patient’s home or office, with guaranteed next day delivery.
    The multi-platform Dr Now® mobile app gives patients access to a qualified GP whilst on the move.
    Dr Now® keeps your medical records safe. We use an Amazon Web Service security system with industry-standard AES-256 encryption to ensure users’ information remains confidential.

Why choose Dr Now®?
Dr Now® is a world first, offering the delivery of medicines and prescriptions directly from a remote, app-based consultation.
We are changing the face of primary healthcare. As a nation we have become an ‘on the go’ society; demanding that the products we use and interact with are as fluid as our own lives.
With this in mind we have created a truly ground-breaking product. The Dr Now® platform connects users with a doctor of their choice, male or female, when they want a rapid diagnosis or the flexibility of a pre-planned appointment to fit in with their busy lives. Combining state-of-the-art technology with the experience and knowledge of the doctors improves efficiency and patient experience.

Dr Now® enables you to speak to a doctor when you need to, making lengthy waiting times for appointments with your GP a thing of the past. Pre-planned consultations can be arranged for a time to suit you, ensuring your hectic working schedule and social life remain hassle-free.

The multi-platform mobile application lets you speak to a male or female doctor of your choice at the touch of a button. This gives you access to the diagnosis of a fully qualified GP on the move or from the comfort of your own home, through written or video-based remote video consultation.
Experienced, highly qualified doctors

All of the Dr Now® GPs are fully qualified and hold MRCGP certification. Led by Andrew J Thornber, a doctor of medicine with over 20 years of practising experience, they are trained in effective ways to provide diagnosis to patients through remote video consultation methods.

Combining the knowledge and experience of medical professionals with state-of-the-art encrypted cloud technology gives patients an efficient, professional service. Studies show that 90% of correct diagnoses are accomplished upon the presentation of medical history alone, and Dr Now’s strict security system ensures medical records are accessible but safe, assuring patients of complete privacy and creating a strong sense of trust between doctor and patient.
Medicine delivered straight to your work or home

The revolutionary Dr Now® platform brings the medicines and prescriptions you need straight to your door, meaning that you no longer have the inconvenience of fitting in a trip to the pharmacy in your busy schedule. Once you’re received your online diagnosis, your medication can be delivered to either your home address or office, with delivery during working hours easy to arrange.

Dr Now® gives you the option of guaranteed next day delivery of your prescriptions and medicines, with those living in London eligible to receive their medication within 1 to 4 hours of diagnosis by a special courier service.

Dr Now® gives you access to qualified doctors at an affordable price. Choose a package today and get the diagnosis you need, now.

Adult Subscription     £4.99
Dr Now® offers adults (16+) unlimited appointments with professional GPs for only £4.99 per month, meaning you can remain worry-free with expert healthcare available at any time, no matter how serious the problem might be.
Child Subscription     £3.99
Unlimited consultations for children (under 16) are available for only £3.99 a month. Adults can add children or other adults to their account under one direct debit, with every person over 16 having their own private login details.
Per Consultation     £29
Our monthly packages are designed to give you the best value and peace of mind, but if you require a one-off appointment with a fully-qualified doctor then Dr Now® can offer you an individual remote video consultation for just £29.

As a company at the forefront of the teleheath industry, Now Healthcare Group is committed to exploring the latest technologies in order to improve the lives of our customers. Therefore, we are proud to unveil the new Dr Now® smart watch app - coming soon to the Apple Watch.

Offering the full Dr Now® diagnosis and delivery service from the user’s wrist, the Apple Watch app will make instant access to a registered GP feel more personal than ever before, with remote video consultations from a fully-qualified doctor available at the touch of a button.

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From The Guardian
Dr Now: the smartphone app that puts you in touch with a GP – for a fee

New health apps exploit gaps in overstretched NHS by offering subscribers virtual consultation with a GP
Julia Kollewe  2 August 2015

A UK tech firm is offering video consultations with doctors via mobile phone, in a bid to repeat the success of British startup apps such as Hailo and Just Eat in which a taxi or a meal is a phone-tap away.

With the NHS under growing strain, the Liverpool-based startup, called Dr Now, is targeting its new mobile app at tech-savvy people who do not want to wait for an appointment with a GP, as well as businesses looking to save sickness-related costs.

It has recruited 250 doctors so far, led by Dr Andrew Thornber, one of the startup’s four founders, and picked up 300 active users since its “soft launch” (without marketing) on 22 June. The venture charges £4.99 a month for the subscription health service while a one-off consultation costs £29.

The company guarantees that the medicines and prescriptions needed by patients will be delivered to their door by the next morning – or within four hours for customers in central London.

Dr Now will jostle for patients with two other recent UK startups, Babylon and PushDoctor, which also offer video consultations with qualified doctors and issue prescriptions, referrals or sick notes within hours.

Babylon, which has cut its monthly subscription from £7.99 to £4.99, also sends some diagnostic tests to the home, such as a cholesterol blood test. The startups are following in the footsteps of US services such as Doctor on Demand and MD Live.

Babylon was the first such UK venture and now has more than 100,000 patients. It was launched in April 2014 by former Goldman Sachs banker Ali Parsa, who also set up Circle Health. That healthcare firm controversially pulled out of a contract to run a Cambridgeshire hospital in January – the first privately run hospital in the UK – causing a storm of protest over the use of private firms in the NHS.

Seeking to defuse any criticism over yet another private healthcare startup, Dr Now co-founder Savvas Neophytou stresses: “We are not replacing GPs. All we are doing is providing a solution for today’s go-to society.”

The former Panmure Gordon pharmaceuticals analyst, who has a PhD in pharmacology, believes there is enough demand for several players, all of whom aim to plug the gap in primary care caused by an overstretched NHS.

All three UK ventures are registered with the Care Quality Commission, an independent healthcare regulator.

The vast majority (90%) of GP diagnoses do not rely on a physical examination, Neophytou claims, making video consultations possible – and far more convenient than a trip to your local GP practice. If Dr Now’s UK-trained, UK-registered doctors cannot help via virtual consultation, they will refer patients to the NHS.

Recently, Neophytou’s wife, whom he jokingly describes as a luddite, discovered a rash on her foot – just as the couple were planning to visit Center Parcs with their three children for their 11th wedding anniversary. So she downloaded the app, had an instant consultation with a doctor and had the medication delivered at home, in time for their trip.

Neophytou reels off the stats: one in six people wait more than a week to see a GP. That has led to growing numbers of people going to A&E departments – more than 20 million a year – nearly 40% of whom are discharged without any treatment.

“Millions of people who go to A&E just needn’t be there,” he says.

The NHS was pushed to breaking point last winter when record numbers turned up at A&E departments, prompting other hospital operations to be cancelled.

A Citizens Advice report showed that people aged 18-34 are more than twice as likely to go to A&E or an NHS walk-in centre when they cannot see a GP compared with those aged 55 and over.

The survey found one in seven people (14%) aged 18-34 and one in 17 (6%) aged 55 or over were unable to see a GP the last time they tried to make an appointment.

According to the survey, one in eight (13%) of younger adults did not get any professional help for a health problem when they were unable to see their GP.

The British Medical Association says: “New technologies have great potential to enable the public to manage their health more effectively and lessen some of the unprecedented pressure the NHS is facing from rising patient demand, falling resources and staff shortages.

“However, remote or recorded consultations with an attached fee have their limitations. Many members of the public will be unable to afford this service and all patients who have serious concerns about their health should physically go and see their doctor. This will always be the best way of assessing someone’s health needs.”

The founders of Dr Now, who have ploughed about £800,000 of their own money into the startup, are so confident of its success that they are already talking to potential partners abroad to roll out the service in places such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They also have their eyes on Ireland, China, India and north Africa – targeting countries with large growing middle classes.

While catering for individuals who are frustrated with the NHS, even richer pickings can be had from pitching the service to businesses – persuading them to provide subscriptions as perks to employees so they do not have to take time off work to attend GP appointments.

The Dr Now website, which boasts it is the world’s first website to diagnose and deliver medicine, even has a corporate page that lets businesses calculate potential cost savings, based on the number of staff and average salary. It is in discussions with several big pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Now’s full launch comes in October, “when the nights are drawing in and people are getting coughs and colds”, says Neophytou.

13.08.2015, 08:23   Now Healthcare Group Ltd.
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