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Babicare Pregnancy-baby 2yrs.

Babicare enhances your pregnancy and child experience from the time you conceive until your child is two years old. Babicare promotes a special bond between you and your child, which is important for their well being. It provides parents with ongoing age appropriate evidence based information and tips about your pregnancy and baby.

• Baby's emotional, social and physical health
• Mother, 'On your own', Father, Grandparent script
• Weekly pregnancy updates from conception to birth
• Regular updates from birth to 2 years
• Photo/ journal section for lasting memories of your pregnancy and baby till 2 years
• Parent baby attachment
• Practical Tips
• Breastfeeding
• Infant mental health
• Maternal emotional health
• Safety
• Starting solids, nutrition
• Play activities

About this project

As a health professional I have had a long history working with vulnerable parents and observed first hand the struggles they face. The babicare app idea has been a work of passion and expertise based on my learning and current evidence.  Babicare's vision is to empower parents in their parenting role through information and activities around babies emotional, social and physical development from conception to 2 years.
The mother-child attachment or bonding is essential for baby's and mothers wellbeing following birth. Being responsive to babies needs helps form positive brain patterns for baby to grow and develop.
The app links into Australian children government websites and has the ability for content, link and image management. The app builder has kindly allowed us, once the initial technology is developed to redevelop the app for other countries at a much reduced price.  This enables the babicare app to be more affordable and be able to be reproduced with the cultural context in mind.  
The initial app is now on line and has been self funded.  I am hoping to build  with further funds links into  local resources, weight charts, and allow for different translations.  
The amount i have asked for is not the entire amount needed but will start the journey towards what we are hoping for.
If possible we would like to raise further funds for developing countries and have current interest in the Philippines.

The app can be found on iTunes  and Google play 

Helen Mack RN, B.A Nurs,, MANurs (MntlHlth), PDip (Paed, Child Comm. Nurs)
Support team
Dr Kay McCauley PhD, MN, MN (res), Grad Dip Adv Nsg (Psych), Grad Cert HEd, BN, RN, RM, NICU Cert, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, FACMNH, FACM
Dr Thane Camewell PhD (Psychology)

The babicare application was developed at Flinders University in Masters Studies.
01.08.2015, 10:48   Kickstarter
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