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Development of modern society faces many challenges, healthcare being one of the major ones. Health, medical and fitness provide substantial strength in the efforts to deal with these challenges.

Digital Innovations are rapidly expanding into our everyday existence. The most recent spectacular show on the Internet was state-of-the-art wearable technology that debuted last July at a soccer World Championship in Russia. Never before did the contestants and the judges collectively use wearable technology to that extent. It seems that only recently we’ve become more and more accustomed to terms such as, The Internet of Industrial Things (IoT), The Internet of Business, in fact – The Internet of EVERYTHING. For Healthcare it is The Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT). As it is mentioned in ReportLinker market research IoHT “Will include many facets including tracking (medical and non-medical assets and people) and the collection and integration of real-time healthcare data with electronic healthcare records (EHR).” Some other experts define IoHT as “the process of embedded medical sensors communicating with medical equipment and other mobile health technology."
Digital Healthcare is often classified as having these common segments: Electronic Health Records (EHR), Mobile Healthcare services, and Wireless Healthcare related communications. Each year this market grows, as an example during the period of 2011-2015 growth was at 13.2%. It is now projected that for the period of 2016-2021 the growth rate is expected to reach 15.05%. 

Another emerging trend is Digital Therapeutics referred as a digital system or tool (online or mobile) such as a device or piece of software used to treat a medical condition. Growth potential is expected to reach USD 457.9 Million by 2021 from USD 110 Million in 2016.

Wearables are an important part of our present and future way of life.
What is MedGizmo Info? The essence of it: One point of aggregated information, where you may look for the latest updates on health & wellness technologies, right medical, healthcare/wellness gadget for you – to suit your wishes, desires, and, most important your medical condition.

Initially we were serving as a news aggregator point, selecting most interesting and new items from that gigantic flow of information that is originates on the Web daily. Starting November 2015, we were publishing overviews of the latest events and references to some technology and gadgets, as well as some general information on the subjects.
We follow the important global developments on IoHT, Digital Healthcare, and Digital Therapeutics.  We focus on the following:

as well as covering specifics on wearables for various conditions:

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